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You dont need that guy its so black and white

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H is meteoric rise, thanks in large part to his fearless way with color, has made Patrick Mele a designer to watch. I like bold statements with color. I like crisp white, crisp black; I like crisp vibrant color as an overall statement. So how does he do it? We scored a sneak peek at one of his latest design projects and asked him to decode his color choices, room by room, and the lessons started flowing in. Prepare to look at color in a whole new way.

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H is meteoric rise, thanks in large part to his fearless way with color, has made Patrick Mele a designer to watch. I like bold statements with color. I like crisp white, crisp black; I like crisp vibrant color as an overall statement.

So how does he do it? We scored a sneak peek at one of his latest design projects and asked him to decode his color choices, room by room, and the lessons started flowing in. Prepare to look at color in a whole new way.

In the entryway, a bright and playful wallpaper by David Hicks gives a sense of lightness to the dark wood trestle table, a family heirloom, and the existing wood detailing. The secret? Working with various hues within each of these two complementary color families. Within the orange family, corals, tangerines, grapefruits. Really rich hues, not muted. The homeowner loves blue, so that was the first color Mele decided to focus on when developing his decorating approach.

It never goes out of style. The overall effect is polished yet casual. Black chairs by Hans Wegner tie back to the black base of the table Mele had made for the breakfast room.

Working within a streamlined color palette not only helps the rooms themselves feel cohesive, but it also helps with the transitions between rooms. Mele added a decorative fringe to the sofa and a skirt to the armchair to reduce the number of visible legs in the room, given the dominance of the piano in the space.

A genius way to get even more mileage out of a small group of colors is to do a flip-flop of sorts, pushing what was previously used as an accent color to the foreground. Mele covered two-thirds of the dining room walls with white wainscoting to temper the coral grass cloth that covers the reminder and painted the ceiling a subtle shade of blue. Mele is a huge proponent of painting things white, especially furniture. White just gives furniture a contemporary personality, I think.

A fresh youthful spirit. The fabric Mele and the homeowner fell in love with for the master bedroom is Jules et Jim by Clarence House. What are a few of your favorite decorating tricks for adding instant color to a room? What are common color decorating mistakes you see? Too many institutional creams. Creams can at times be lovely, but more often than not they are sad and feel dirty and dated. Instead of cream, opt for true, crisp white.

Instead of sand, try cocoa. Any specific rooms that are great for experimenting with color? We usually gather in these spaces at night, a time when a deep color, such as claret or aubergine, illuminated by candlelight, draws you and your guests to the table. All beautiful rooms….

Loved them…Gave me some ideas since I am moving…I really like the blue and white wallpaper. Very different looking…. When did blue and orange not go together? All these colors have been used together forever. Nice tips but not new. Too many different shades of blue. Been there, done that. Fainting couch at the end of the bed? Blue and orange? Seriously, is this a pep rally or a home?

Blue and Orange are complementary colours! Have you ever heard of the color wheel? They have been used together forever.

And the recamier at the end of the bed? You always have to look at the lifestyle and personalities of the owners. Blues and oranges always work.. These are great tips!

I like it. Stagers and realtors can hang, in my opinion. The buyers were absolutely in love. I was elated. And really happy that vanilla did not win the day! Love these rooms! The only thing I would change though is that raspberry color chair in the room with the piano. Maybe a color like burnt orange or red orange. That raspberry color distracted me and not in a good way. Everything else was awesome! I am planning on selling my home and the first thing both the realtor and every single painter I had come into my house tell me was to repaint the entire house beige.

My house is all earth tones but consist of Milk Chocolate, mint or pistachio type of green, blues, different shades of browns or tans.

I absolutely love it and is the reason I purchased the home in the first place. The only color I added was two different shades of blues and browns in the bedrooms. I matched the walls to the existing colors when I have had to touch them up. I love color in the home. It brightens up your mood or calms you depending on what color you use.

That is why a realtor will suggest neutral wall color and no personal items photos of family on walls or tables. I love color too, but when purchasing a home I want neutral colors so I can evension my own decor and color in the home. Buyers should look at the bones, the sizes and layout of the rooms, etc. The rest is nonsense.

People have been watching too many HGTV shows. Good luck and best wishes on the sale of your home. If I were selling a house, I would listen to my realtor. My point was that people have become ridiculous with this. How could anyone ever figure out what paint colors everyone would like?

Now what? Why are sellers expected to take down photos? Buyer expectations have just gotten silly. I have argued with realtors over this so many times and I never take down photos etc. I just look for the bones of the house, maybe the view and I do not care if there is a lot of clutter or poor design. Maybe I am just better at visualizing.

Indeed, you may be better at visualizing. But, most home buyers are not like that. Makes rooms appear larger and makes the home seem cleaner and newer when its un cluttered, freshly painted and neutral. Its a small investment to make but not everyone has the opportunity to do that when selling a home. You can always try to sell the house as is…minus the personal framed photos and crowded side tables and shelves. Exactly, people need to see themselves in a home, so neutral is the way to go.

When i last sold a place i put all my personal effects in storage and i really loved the minimalist spare look. Beige is neutral and they are looking for flow and expansion. A different color in every room may hold your sale back, but the house is at least authentically you. The realtors probably need to appeal to a broader home buying base. Neutrals can be striking. You have to look at how they work with the flooring, lighting, fixtures and architecture of the space. This is a lovely kitchen with a nice island with seating and a dark wood floor.

It has lots of storage. In the physical world, white is the absence of all color. Potential clients, need to feel the sense of home. Even a little color helps them do this. Homes with well placed color are on the market for less time than beige homes!

Why It’s So Hard to Talk to White People About Racism

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I am white. I have spent years studying what it means to be white in a society that proclaims race meaningless, yet is deeply divided by race. This is what I have learned: Any white person living in the United States will develop opinions about race simply by swimming in the water of our culture.

The event, at a bookstore in Brooklyn, attracts a warm, receptive audience. Standing-room only. Lots of Asian faces, but not exclusively. I hate to leave. Outside the bookstore, I talk to my friend P.

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When Using !important is The Right Choice

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "black-and-white" Showing of But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!

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Confronting Anti-Asian Discrimination During the Coronavirus Crisis

Top definition. Racist unknown. Anyone who defends their perspective of intolerance, as being something that was forced upon them by the media or any other extrinsic force.

While many proponents of transracial adoption claim that American society is increasingly becoming "color-blind," a growing body of research reveals that for transracial adoptees of all backgrounds, racial identity does matter. Rhonda M. Roorda elaborates significantly on that finding, specifically studying the effects of the adoption of black and biracial children by white parents. She incorporates diverse perspectives on transracial adoption by concerned black Americans of various ages, including those who lived through Jim Crow and the Civil Rights era. All her interviewees have been involved either personally or professionally in the lives of transracial adoptees, and they offer strategies for navigating systemic racial inequalities while affirming the importance of black communities in the lives of transracial adoptive families.

George on Georgia: Why We’re Not Just Arresting White Guys With Guns

Georgia is leading a national conversation today about white men with guns. A few weeks ago, the Michigan branch of Vanilla Isis carried rifles into the state capitol and screamed hell past lines of state troopers. And we asked ourselves, if they were black men with guns, how quickly would they have been arrested, or shot? Last week, we watched video footage of three white men confront and shoot to death a black jogger in south Georgia — footage that the Glynn County prosecutor had been sitting on for more than two months. The news cycle juxtaposes these images in front of us. We can bear only so much hypocrisy. Under any other conditions, a man with a rifle screaming demands of you is an act of intimidation.

What do you want of him i" There was great surprise in the tone of Guy Fortin, the best Don't you see 2 " “ Oh come, now, I don't see the joke of it. other on the dirt roughened wall, in darkness so black that he could not see his own feet. woman in a clean white cap, and disclosed a room of striking neatness and order

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Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)

Travis Miller, a furniture and appliance delivery driver making a run Monday through a gated Oklahoma City neighborhood, was held up for more than a half-hour by two white men who blocked his truck with a car and demanded to know why he was there, NBC News reported. Miller, who left the confrontation in tears, captured the incident on a minute cellphone video that has since gone viral. Miller works for J.

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