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Virgo woman and pisces man compatibility 2020

A Virgo man and Pisces woman come from opposite signs in the zodiac. Opposite signs balance each other, but they also can come into conflict with one another. The level of compatibility between opposite signs varies according to the nature of the pair. A Virgo man and Pisces woman generally do very well together.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Virgo man Pisces woman compatibility

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Virgo Woman Pisces Man Compatibility

Celebrity astrologer Kelli Fox reveals your perfect partner for 2020 according to your star sign

Celebrity astrologer Kelli Fox has simplified dating for the foreseeable future by determining the perfect match for every star sign. Kelli, an Australian zodiac expert , says bold and daring signs like Sagittarius and Aries are exceptionally suited, thanks to their shared love of adventure, travel and living life well outside the box.

Intellectual Gemini is the perfect partner for inquisitive, creative Aquarius, who are equally matched in their thirst for knowledge and and invention.

Opposite signs like Taurus and Virgo are a match made in heaven and even more so in the bedroom, enjoying an intense sexual chemistry rarely experienced in other partnerships. Opposite signs like Taurus and Virgo are a match made in heaven and even more so in the bedroom, enjoying an intense sexual chemistry rarely experienced in other partnerships, Kelli says stock image.

The adventurous female Aries craves someone who shines like the sun, making limelight loving Leo her perfect match. Leo laps up all the pure, unpretentious love offered by an Aries woman, and in turn gives absolute loyalty, which makes her feel like the only girl in the world. Aries man: Sagittarius. Aries is a natural-born leader with big ambitions, and laid back Sagittarius is happy to follow in his footsteps. Sagittarius is attracted by Aries' raw, captivating charm, while Aries wants a fun-loving partner he can party and explore with at a moment's notice.

Sagittarius' tricky to tame nature means Aries is always chasing their affection in some way, which is exactly what turns him on. Taurus woman: Capricorn. The Taurus woman craves a stable but affectionate lover who needs her and makes her feel loved, and Capricorn provides exactly the comfort and security she needs. Taurus never gets tired of hugs, kisses and most of all, receiving gifts, while Capricorn is safe in the knowledge their Taurus love is always there supporting them.

The Taurus woman is one of the only signs who truly appreciates the sacrifices Capricorn makes, and in turn, Capricorn never takes her loving nature for granted. It's a match made in heaven between earth sign Taurus and water sign Cancer, who balance each other brilliantly, helping to avoid the rut both signs are famous for getting stuck in.

Taurus craves physical security while Cancer yearns for emotional stability. This match is more romantic than sexual, but that doesn't make it any less intense. The Taurus man feels compelled to lay the foundation for caring Cancer to build a family, who in turn provides Taurus with the routine and comfort he craves. Gemini woman: Aquarius. The female Gemini often struggles to find an intellectual equal, but they meet their match in quirky, confident Aquarius.

Aquarius, who never cares what others think, is naturally inclined to carve their ow path in life, discovering and inventing new things along the way. This stimulates intellectual Gemini, creating endless potential for enlightened conversations. The Gemini girl provides food for thought, feedback and new information, while Aquarius opens the gates of possibility, both in life and in love.

The Gemini man needs someone who fascinates and confuses him, and Libra is the perfect person to make his head spin in all the right ways. Libra's charm, sociability and harmonious nature is the breath of fresh air intelligent, analytical Gemini needs to avoid taking himself too seriously. It's a match made in heaven between earth sign Taurus and water sign Cancer, who balance each other brilliantly, helping to avoid the rut both signs are famous for getting stuck in stock image.

The eternal hopeless romantic, Cancer loves to indulge in fantasies and longs for an intense, all encompassing kind of love.

Passionate Scorpio is just the sign to shield Cancer from the harsh reality of the world and give her the intensity she desires, and in turn, the female Crab is rarely overwhelmed by the Scorpion's full-on nature. Few others enjoy Scorpio's relentless drive as much as a Cancer woman. The Cancer man dreams of caring for someone, even if he doesn't always admit to it, and Virgo craves someone who appreciates their organised and exacting persona.

These water and earth signs are an impeccable match in the bedroom, which both consider to be a sacred space. Behind closed doors, the perfectionist Virgin is wild and willing to try anything, and knows how to create the imaginative fantasies the Cancer man privately longs to live out.

The female Leo has enough pride for two, and Aries straight-talking honesty is both intriguing and flattering for a woman who always expects potential suitors to sweep her off her feet. Aries loves the opportunity to make the type of grand gestures of love which Leo craves, and will readily shout their feelings from the rooftops which leaves the Lion feeling wanted, adored, and most importantly, the centre of attention.

The larger than life Leo man needs to be idolised and entertained at all times, and Sagittarius - the joker of the zodiac - is the perfect fit. Sagittarius is fascinated with how Leo commits himself to mastering everything he touches, acting as cheerleader while their Lion lover performs as the star of the show. Leo loves it when others marvel at their partner's beauty and energy, because a compliment for their other half is also a compliment for them.

The feminine Virgo needs a partner who appreciates the millions of ways she makes life run smoothly and seem effortless, and no one values a smooth ride more than Taurus. In turn, Taurus brings much-needed down time and pleasure to soothe intense and driven Virgo. The Bull is rarely intimidated by the Virgo woman's strive for perfection and never shocked by the outspoken opinions she is inclined to share. Taurus wants to spend time in bed doing all the things Virgo is too shy to ask of any other lover, and will wait patiently for her to come home so the passion can really begin.

Virgo men are arguably the fussiest of the zodiac, but they meet their match in hardworking Capricorn who comes closest to their idea of perfection. Never inappropriate and always discrete, Capricorn is a Virgo male's dream lover, embodying a person with great ambition but also an insatiable sensual side willing to indulge every intricate fantasy the Virgo man dreams up.

Capricorn also desires a lifelong partnership built on success and achievement, meaning there's no problem with Virgo working late or overtime on weekends. If you're searching for proof that opposites attract, look no further than a relationship between Libra and Aries.

The Libra woman longs to be swept off her feet, and who better for the job than bold and daring Aries? But whether this partnership works in the long run is a different story, as things can begin to sour once the initial romance and 'honeymoon' period wears off.

Libra man : Sagittarius. Sagittarius is someone the Libra man can be entirely honest with, without worrying about starting a fight or hurting their feelings.

This is a liberating experience for a male Libra, who often struggles with being direct. Libra and Sagittarius share a love of good food, good wine and witty banter, and the Libra man is more than happy to let Sagittarius take the lead because he knows he has found someone as fun and fair as he is. Taurus wants to spend time in bed doing all the things Virgo is too shy to ask of any other lover, and will wait patiently for her to come home so the passion can really begin stock image.

Scorpio woman: Capricorn. The mysterious and sexual Scorpio woman wants to dominate, and Capricorn likes a partner who takes charge of the relationship.

Capricorn has a tough exterior and fragile core that fascinates Scorpio, who loves the idea of someone who only reveals secrets to them. In turn, Capricorn eventually lets their Scorpio lady in, building a wall around their union as if they are the only two people in the world.

The passionate Scorpio man wants to consume and be fully consumed by love, and craves a unique partner who's willing to indulge in their deepest, darkest fantasies. Individualistic Pisces is just the ticket, living life at an equally feverish emotional pitch.

Sexually, this partnership transcends the physical, with both Scorpio and Pisces finding spiritual awakening in lovemaking. Sagittarius woman: Aries. Fiery Aries appreciates a Sagittarius woman's adventurous nature more than any other sign. These friendship focused signs value camaraderie above all else, which creates a relationship based on mutual respect.

The Sagittarius woman needs freedom to roam, and if Aries doesn't want to be right by her side, they are free to go their own way. Sagittarius man: Aquarius. The Sagittarius man yearns for a partner as independent as he is, and one who loves to try new things and visit new places. Enter Aquarius, who can't help but march to the beat of their own drum.

The Sagittarius man loves a revel and a lover who can keep up with them intellectually, while keeping sex interesting and exciting. Aquarius makes no demands on their lover, which is the key to keeping footloose Sagittarius coming back for more, every time. Capricorn woman: Virgo. The Capricorn woman needs a lover who has their own life but also wants to help her achieve her goals. She is discrete, elegant and sophisticated - everything that encapsulates a typical Virgo, who will not only keep her secrets but also find joy in finding new ways to please her.

The Capricorn woman works with Virgo to silently take over the world, because nothing turns this driven woman on more than hard graft. The driven Capricorn man needs a passionate relationship to balance their dedication to professional commitments, making emotional and open Pisces their perfect match. Pisces love is forever, like it or not, and they keep love coming so long as the Capricorn man is gentle with their delicate heart.

When others are not, Pisces is ready to forgive and shower their Capricorn mate with the tender affection they secretly long for, while Pisces quietly loves the possessiveness of their Capricorn partner.

While some zodiac signs display their bedroom prowess like a badge of honour, others prefer to keep things under wraps for the right moment. According to astrologer Kelli Fox, these five signs are the friskiest in the bedroom - and some may surprise you!

They have a natural animal charisma and youthful charm, and what they lack in finesse and technique, they make up for in stamina and enthusiasm. If you can match their enthusiasm, keep it friendly and fun , you just may have a round two in your future. This sensual sign is a master of detail.

None know physical sensitivity quite like a Virgo, and no one studies the human body quite like a Virgo. They want to know what turns you on and off, and they'll execute it with precision. Scorpio: Scorpio, the seducer, will give you what you want to get what Scorpio needs - which is everything.

Nothing is taboo, but Scorpio lovers are anything but showoffs. Capricorn: BDSM, clandestine affairs, and secret lovers suit Capricorn just fine, because sex gives them a private place to be vulnerable, be human and be wild.

They may come off as cool and aloof, but this Earth sign is a sensual creature full of lust and fantasies that would make even Scorpio blush, and they want someone they can trust through commitment or contract to live out these kinky fantasies with. The Aquarius woman loathes boredom, and if there's one sign never involved in a dull moment, it's Leo. Both signs are stubborn, up for a good debate and a wild party, while Leo's self-focus fascinates their Aquarius partner who constantly thinks about everyone else and the world around them.

The last thing she wants in love is a diluted version of reality where everything is too normal, and Leo certainly keeps things vibrant and interesting. The one-of-a-kind Aquarius man doesn't really have a 'dream' partner, rather a general idea of the many things he expects in a lover - and Gemini embodies almost all of them. Gemini wants someone who loves how they analyse everything to a fine art, which Aquarius appreciates in spades, making life and love interesting.

Gemini is willing to indulge their Aquarius man's wacky sexual whims, even the most scandalous, kinkiest ones. The Pisces woman has a weakness for diamonds in the rough who can be polished to reveal their true beauty.

And this is exactly what Scorpio does for their Pisces lover, looking beyond their unusual exterior to see the fascinating personality which lies inside. Together, these water signs can make fantasy a reality, creating an electric romance few other signs enjoy. The Pisces man is the dreamer of the zodiac, and is easily disappointed by anything less than magic.

Taurus, on the other hand, is utterly human, but graceful, humble and appreciative of beauty, just like Pisces. The Bull gently helps the Fish to value reality, and in turn, the Pisces man helps Taurus to find spiritual meaning and true connection.

Virgo Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility

Trusted Psychic Mediums. In fact, so different can these two star signs be in philosophy and lifestyle that love can be a bit of a bumpy road for them. Kindness and a love of nurturing may create common ground for Pisces and Virgo partners, but these two-star signs are, by and large, anything but alike. Take Pisces, for instance — an emotional and highly intuitive star sign ruled by empathy, dreams and knowledge from what seem to be whole other realms of being.

Celebrity astrologer Kelli Fox has simplified dating for the foreseeable future by determining the perfect match for every star sign. Kelli, an Australian zodiac expert , says bold and daring signs like Sagittarius and Aries are exceptionally suited, thanks to their shared love of adventure, travel and living life well outside the box. Intellectual Gemini is the perfect partner for inquisitive, creative Aquarius, who are equally matched in their thirst for knowledge and and invention.

If opposites really do attract, then Virgo and Pisces are a perfect example. While Virgo is technical, efficient, and thrifty, Pisces is emotional, intuitive, idealistic and free-thinking. Between you, there's probably a bunch of things going at the same time, work, hobbies, fun, whatever. For Pisces and Virgo to work best, establishing priorities can be pretty important. When Pisces and Virgo meet expect instant sparks of sexual attraction and intellectual curiosity.

Pisces 2020 love horoscope

Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Use the ancient technique of Kundli Matching, to help you choose the right kind of life partner. Understand the real motives that drive you to seek a particular friend. What was it that attracted you towards each other? What will help you keep your relationship strong? Are you and your partner the best SunSign match? The Sun Sign Match report will help you find some much-needed answers. As the core element that represents this group is fire, the people belonging to this group are spontaneous, carefree, fun-loving, warm and enterprising. These people generally do not hold grudges against anyone for. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the Water Signs.


Pisces male and Virgo female is a match of opposites. They both are distinct personalities but are attracted to each other because of these differences. They surely need to make some efforts to make sure that their relation grows and blooms. The love match of a Virgo female and Pisces male is truly beautiful as they are bonded by their differences.

Looking at Pisces and Virgo Love Compatibility , the harmony and rapport shared between the two diagrammatically opposite zodiac signs Pisces and Virgo can swing between two extremes — pleasant or unpleasant. On one hand, you have the pragmatic Virgo together with the idealistic Pisces.

Donna Roberts. Are Virgo woman Pisces man compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually? Even though the Virgo woman is an earth sign and the Pisces man is a water sign, they have plenty in common for a peaceful match. The female virgin and the male fish both possess a quiet disposition and avoid drama.

Virgo Man and Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

The love horoscope for Pisces zodiac sign indicates that, sentimentally, the year can be divided into two periods. The first part of the year can bring for most Pisces a new relationship, the current relationship becomes official, and in case they already have a relationship, the chances for the Universe to gift you a child are great. In the second part of the year, new professional challenges will occur, and the erotic and sentimental side will need more diplomacy.

Though they share a common thread that binds them together but differences will often pop up now and then. They sense in each other a common sensitivity, but both express their love in different ways altogether. This is because Virgo is happy to define love; Pisces prefers to leave some things unspoken. Pisces man is full of dreams and fairy tales. He usually steers clear of troubles, while enjoying his peace and quiet. He has plenty of troubles without having to go look for any, still he never loses his calm and never becomes judgmental.

Pisces and Virgo Love Compatibility 2020

Love association of a Virgo male and Pisces female is like a gamble. Virgo male instantly gets attracted towards the Pisces female. It is either a hit or a miss. They are very different personalities but there is some magic and magnetic pull which binds them together. Once their bond clicks, they rank high on compatibility scale and enjoy a perfectly balanced association.

They create a beautiful equation with each other, one which thrives on the combination of the best qualities of Pisces man and Virgo woman and vice-versa.

The ever-reliable, kind, and methodical Virgo joins hands with the compassionate, loyal, and sentimental Piscean. Can the Earth sign couple with the Water sign to create a unique, irreplaceable, and beautiful bond? Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac chart and is symbolized by the fish.

Virgo and Pisces: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

When Virgo and Pisces join together in a love match, it generally makes for a healthy relationship. The two Signs are opposite one another within the Zodiac, and such Signs tend to be well balanced, one making up for qualities the other lacks. They are an easy-going, do-gooding duo, and often devote their time to helping others as well as one another.


Erica Garvin. Can Pisces men and Virgo women relationships be compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually? She will enjoy taking time to understand how the Pisces Man thinks because they understand the world in two completely different ways. The Pisces Man is able to see beauty in everything while she only sees how things work and how they can be changed.

The Pisces and Virgo relationship is one that works like magic!

Virgo and Pisces are opposing signs and their attraction is very strong. These partners have a task to find the place of physical intimacy in which they will both be relaxed to be exactly who they are. Virgo partner will usually be shy, trying to show their sexuality through rational behavior, and Pisces will see right through this. On the other hand, Pisces will fear close physical connection with another person, and this will be practically dismissed by Virgo.

Ah our sweet fish, Pisces, the visionary lovers of the zodiac. Virgos are impossibly hard workers with meticulous routines, often thrown into major anxiety when just one thing is off. Our Pisces, on the other hand, happily gives second chances and never assumes someone has bad intentions. Virgo sees how genuinely kind Pisces is and is touched. Our Virgo gets the chance to step away from their critical eye and see what Pisces sees, an imperfect world that is beautiful regardless. As sweet as Pisces can be, they are not always the hardest workers. They give into laziness and are content to self-sabotage if a situation feels Too Hard.

Where you click: A healthy obsession? Virgo will ply illness-prone Pisces with holistic remedies. Where you clash: It might take a little time for your relationship to actually solidify into form, however.

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