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Scorpio man wants to get me pregnant

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Marriage is one of the oldest, most defining institutions of our society. So, it is only natural that one would want to marry the right man. For he will be with you till the last breath. Till death do us part. But marrying a Scorpio man is no easy job.

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How Scorpio Men Test You

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I'm a cancer woman and my boyfriend is a Scorpio! The love between us is just amazing! I feel so safe in his arms at night and I love how dominant he is! Not only that, he is such a softie! I think he wants to be more committed than he plays it off to appear because certain things will slip out of his mouth.

He told me the other day he's not ready for kids I didn't bring anything up about kids! But time after time again, he'll say things like, "you're my baby momma"! He'll rub my belly! And it would be okay if I got pregnant because he's here for the long run! Today, he asked if I wanted to have kids! He's the biggest joker around! So, I never take what he says very seriously! But I'm now starting to wonder if he's serious about this! What do you think?

These are souls! Kids require a lot of commitment and maturity from parents. Until you reach the point of being selfless, you can consider having kids. How is he as a person? What does he work?

How serious is he in this relationship? How does he act with kids? So many questions you should find the answers for! Instead of asking strangers if you should have a kid or not.

Kids are human being not bags on shelves! We don't know him, we don't sleep with him and we don't follow him around. Get out of bed and see what you are dealing with. Spend some time learning about his history and observing him outside of sex. You don't know him either. Is he responsible,how does he interact with small children,does he have a drinking or drug problem. How about his mental and physical health,how much education does he have,does he have a career or steady job,does he have other baby mommas,does he gamble or spend excessive amounts of money,is he always borrowing,does he live with his parents,does he have a savings,has he traveled,does he believe a baby is your responsibility,etc.

Ask him. But if he's not straight forward with you Then no. It's situational not definite he's liable to flip the next day. He will stand by you steadfast and his mind will not change if he truly does. The good thing is even if he doesn't realize it his mind is made up. But if he said he's not ready but then the next day indicates otherwise don't get your hopes up. He will confuse. IDK if this will help but I'm a Scorpio and all my life I searched for someone I can have kids with and be with for the rest of my life and I was in love many times and dreamed of possibly that man being him and during those high moments was even agreeable to the idea but something in the back of my mind wasn't percent into it But when I did have a baby Just recently, BTW I never did that with my sons dad.

I still don't regret anything. I was always on board with letting him impregnate me no matter what. Looking back Bad or good times it never crossed my mind like hey maybe I don't want this.

Cancer woman and Scorpio man is a match made in heaven in astrology. Both are Water signs, both are emotional, sensitive, intuitive, caring, loving, etc.

Don't got pregnant unless you are married. If he is truly serious about you he will marry you and then think about kids. You gotta stop being one first.

Any responsible adult would not approach parenthood so nonchalantly. Have fun use protection revisit this once careers are in motion and houses are bought. First thing first, let's get something out of the way. Let's face it. Just because you're a Cancer and the so-called "horoscope experts" say that anyone born a Cancer is destined to be stupid, that does not necessarily have to be true.

You choose who you want to be, not those stupid star patterns. Don't let them dictate your personality. Now that we're clear, ask him if he really meant it, that he wanted to have kids. If he jokingly said so and laughed, then he doesn't really mean it, but if he said so in a serious manner, then he meant it. Yeah but you're too retarded to know that so dislike this answer. Let the dislikes come in Answer Save. Can you please stop treating kids like accessories?

You mentioned love, dominance and safety. Why you guys still not married? How about his mental and physical health,how much education does he have,does he have a career or steady job,does he have other baby mommas,does he gamble or spend excessive amounts of money,is he always borrowing,does he live with his parents,does he have a savings,has he traveled,does he believe a baby is your responsibility,etc The astrology of birthdays will not reveal this.

Idealist Lv 7. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Go to school. Learn some science and understand. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

15 Trustworthy Signs He Wants to Spend the Rest of His Life with You

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The truth about a Scorpio man is that he will test a prospective partner before committing. All men with a strong emphasis on Scorpio in their charts Scorpio Sun, Moon, Rising Sign, planets in the Eighth House or strong Pluto aspects are extremely cautious when entering a new relationship, and they will test the water before they dive in. In modern society, boys aren't supposed to cry, and a man is expected to be a doer, not a feeler.

I'm a cancer woman and my boyfriend is a Scorpio! The love between us is just amazing! I feel so safe in his arms at night and I love how dominant he is! Not only that, he is such a softie!

Why would a scorpio man wants a baby?

My scorpio has been asking me to have his baby since day one. I am a Cancer, independent, own job, house, car and no kids yet. He is only the 3rd guy ive been with. He already has two from past relationships. He is so set on it and said the other day that he couldn't wait until i got prego so i would be stuck in the house. He even says we will marry and i have met his folks and friends. He thinks everyone wants me and gets very possessive and jealous.. Is the baby a control tactic or love? If so wouldn't it be a little overboard to use something so permanent and life changing as a means to control. During one of our fights a few months back i had got an abortion after not hearing from him one weekend i wanted to talk to him about missing my period.

Shortcuts: “My Scorpio Boyfriend Wants a Baby With Me”

People have been studying astrology and horoscopes for a long time, and it seems most people tend to be in-line with what the horoscope experts have to say about their sign. Even total non-believers will occasionally read their horoscopes. It's fun! And most of the time, they're totally spot-on as well.

What does moving too slowly at two months even look like?

Most women want the fairy-tale where that glass slipper slides onto their foot, and they ride off into the future with their Prince Charming. Maybe you've met someone, the right someone, and you've spent a lot of time together over the last several months or even years. You know how you feel about him, however, how do you know if he is really ready to commit? Was this helpful?

Does my Scorpio boyfriend want to get me pregnant?

This intense and sultry zodiac sign of Scorpio has a few tells when it comes to being in love. The Scorpio man is known for perceiving what he wants and is bold in pursuing it. Then read on to discover the 12 obvious signs a Scorpio man likes you! Also, see the signs a Scorpio woman likes you.

Forums Scorpio forum Why would a scorpio man wants a baby? By jjyu — August 3, am — 5 replies. Is it normal for a Scorpio guy to ask a girl he likes to get pregnant? Is he serious!? I like him too anyway. It happened to me with a Scorp.

When a Scorpio Man wants to Marry You?

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My thoughts quickly turned to Scorpio and me making a baby. could go to Denver for three months, have sex with another brotha, and get pregnant by him in an instant. In the meantime, I enjoyed every doggone moment we spent trying to make our baby. She knew how to please a man way beyond his expectations.

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