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Keep your fitness routine on track by sharing your activity with your family and friends—you can even share with a trainer or coach. You can get notifications when your friends meet their goals, finish workouts, and earn achievements. Tap Sharing, tap Get Started, then tap in the top-right corner. To remove a friend, open the Activity app on your iPhone, tap Sharing, tap a friend, then tap Remove Friend. Stay motivated with a little healthy competition. You can challenge a friend to a competition in which you earn points based on the percentage of your Activity Rings that you close.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How to See Following Activity on Instagram After REMOVED ✅ Recover Instagram Following Activity Tab

Instagram Scraps Its Following Tab, So Now You Can Like Photos Judgement-Free

Previously, the "Following" tab in Activity would show the likes, follows, and comments your friends made on other accounts. A Catholic priest notices a fellow priest liking gay porn star pics on Instagram. A man receives a DM from his ex wondering why he's liking photos of someone who gave her gonorrhea. A mother notices the husband of a fellow mom liking bikini model photos.

A daughter catches her own father liking cheesecake pinup photos. Thankfully for the irrepressibly lascivious, Instagram is scrapping that feature entirely. Beginning this week, the heart tab will display only your own activity. At the time, Following was the best way to discover new content, since it would show you things your friends were liking.

And for those that did, it was often a source of unwelcome surprises. Guys think they're slick, but are they familiar with the Following tab on Instagram?? It really hurts when someone close is ignoring you but they are busy liking and following other people," said one user.

Since the original founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger left Instagram last year, reportedly over disputes with Facebook over-Facebookifying the app, Instagram has gotten a little, uh, busier. Just last week, it launched a standalone messaging app called Threads that is meant to send rapid-fire images back and forth to people on each other's close friends list, Snapchat-style.

That Instagram launched this as a separate app instead of folding it into the main DM experience suggests the company is indeed reluctant to make things more complicated. On Reddit and Twitter, people who were unknowingly part of a test group for a Following tab-free Instagram lamented its disappearance. Ultimately, we are but mortals driven by our base instincts. Thou shalt not be horny on main. Carry on, HPs. Notopoulos writes about tech and internet culture and is cohost of the Internet Explorer podcast.

Contact Katie Notopoulos at katie buzzfeed. Got a confidential tip? Submit it here. Reply Retweet Favorite. Jacy Jordan jacyjordan. DemonHuntress DemonHuntress View Comments. Oops Looks like your browser doesn't support JavaScript.

Instagram is Making Few Changes for Privacy and Users Are Not Happy at All

Starting this week, Instagram will sunset one of its more infamous -- though lesser-known -- features. Moving forward, the app is removing its "Following" tab, reports Buzzfeed News. If you're unfamiliar with the feature, it displays new likes and comments from people you follow.

In the US, you can talk to us: Interview Kickstart. Teachers are current employees of Google, But how about Instagram?

I also had to delete my account because i thought i was hacked. Because i don't longer see my notifications anymore. Tuesday, October 1, Instagram is considered as an official place to announce life updates, Twitter is too formal, Facebook is just a family hub so when it comes to announcing things publically, Instagram is just the right platform for that.

RIP to Instagram’s Horniest Stalking Feature

Our friend and ally in stalking horndogs, the Instagram following-activity tab, has gone to the great content mill in the sky. The deceased, or rather the absence of the deceased, was first discovered by BuzzFeed. Born in , the tab was best known for its unwavering commitment to truth-telling. If Instagram is a social-media landscape of smoke and mirrors and curation, the following-activity tab was its reality check. The tab showed you, as its name implies, the activity of the people you are following: what they were liking, what accounts they were following, what they were commenting. That college friend you still hate-follow whose only interest is puppy content? The tab would show you that.

What We Lose When We Lose Instagram’s Activity Feed

It would also notify you when someone you were following started to follow another user. We want our following tab back. How are we going to keep track with the latest news and figure out what our favorite people are saying? Tandem Interactive is a South Florida full-service digital marketing agency serving clients nationwide. We are also a Fort Lauderdale PPC agency offering award-winning pay-per-click, remarketing, and other paid online advertising services.

Previously, the "Following" tab in Activity would show the likes, follows, and comments your friends made on other accounts. A Catholic priest notices a fellow priest liking gay porn star pics on Instagram.

Prepare to see Instagram's Following activity tab disappear. For the uninitiated, this feature, which allowed users to see the activity of the accounts they followed, could once be accessed through the Activity page or the heart button at the app's bottom-right corner, where you see your new likes and followers , by tapping the word F ollowing. The tab made seemingly innocuous social media behavior—liking photos, making comments, following accounts—public record, tracking activity that occurred either seconds or weeks ago. Essays have been written about relationships scathed after a partner discovers that their significant other thirst-liked someone else's bikini photos at 3 a.

Instagram Removes ‘Following’ Tab Which Let Users Keep Track of Others’ Activity

Instagram is discontinuing a feature called Following Activity that showed people's likes, comments, and follows in a separate tab, BuzzFeed News' Katie Notopoulos first reported. The Following Activity tab on Instagram showed users which posts their friends were liking, and could previously be accessed by clicking on the heart icon on the app's bottom menu bar. The tab will be removed with an update that will begin rolling out on Monday, an Instagram spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider. An example what users can currently see in the Following Activity tab on Instagram.

Introducing Snoopreport: Your one stop shop to user analytics on Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Millions of users constantly share images, and other data, about their lives, tastes, hopes, and dreams. While primarily intended as a means of sharing and connecting with friends and family, this information can be worth its weight in gold for marketers. But even as a private individual you can see and track the activity of other users on Instagram relatively easily. This makes a product like Snoopreport the only remaining and reliable Instagram tracker around.

Why Instagram’s Following Activity Tab Disappeared

In Snoopreport is believed to be the only legitimate and working instagram user activity tracking tool on the market and trusted by dozens on thousands users across the globe as very reliable and accurate tool allowing to see what someone likes on Instagram. Instagram activity log we provide serves as a unprecedented source of user behaviour insights allowing building better communication strategies for individuals and businesses across the world. We provide reports containing actionable data which can be used right away without additional analysis or post-processing. Try it now to see how Snoopreport can help to achieve your goals. Snoopreport is free for data science students and other researchers.

Get to know better people you care for. Keep informed on what your favorite celebrities, kids, boyfriends, girlfriends like or comment on Instagram with our one and.

If you're always visiting the Following Activity tab to see what your Instagram friends have been liking, you might have to find another way to check up on them. On Monday, the social media platform confirmed to Buzzfeed News that it has removed the tab on some accounts and will entirely phase it out within the next week. So if you're upset that Instagram's Following Activity tab disappeared and cut your snooping capabilities in half, you might feel better knowing the reason behind the decision.

Instagram is a social platform where people share personal photos and information about themselves. Each user can double-tap any post to "Like" it or add a comment at the bottom. The direct messaging feature allows people to chat and communicate freely.

Today, we share more information about ourselves than ever before. We share what we eat, what we do, how we feel, and much more. When we use social media, we leave traces of our social media usage which enables other people to spy on us. You will also be able to see when they made the post.

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