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How to get friendly with budgies

We now know that budgies do not usually need grit. This was historically recommended to help them grind their food but budgies can actually easily digest the ingredients in modern budgie pellets. Some budgies may take up to a month or two to swap over completely but most can be changed over much quicker than this. Focus more on vegetables which have lots of good nutritional value. Fruits are sweeter and more sugary but can be used as a treat. Out of the fruits, berries and wild fruits have the best nutritional value for birds compared to fruits grown for humans to eat which are sweeter and more sugary.

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Tips for Caring for Your First Pet Budgie (Parakeet)

Search Search. Menu Sections. T hey are surprisingly good companions for humans. Studies have shown that elderly people living alone enjoy better physical and psychological health if they have a pet, and this beneficial effect is as strong if they own a budgie as a dog or a cat. Budgies are correctly called Budgerigars: someone told me that the origin of the name is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning "tasty snack" but I'm not sure that I believe them.

It is true, however, that Budgies originate from Australia. They're still commonly found as wild birds in the Australian Bush, flying around in colourful, noisy flocks. When you see and hear the little birds enjoying life in the wild, it makes you realise the value of keeping them in pairs or small groups when they're kept as pets.

They're social creatures and they love the joy of fluttering close to their companions, twittering loudly to each other. Early visitors to Australia - back in the mid-nineteenth century - brought budgies back to Europe as pets, and they've continued to be popular ever since. They're tiny birds, weighing only around 40 grams less than two ounces. To put this into context, a typical cat weighs the same as around a hundred budgies, and a large Labrador of 40kg is the equivalent of a thousand.

Most budgies live for five to ten years, but rare individuals can live for longer: I knew one bird that lived to be seventeen. Sadly, many budgies have shorter lives than their potential because of poor living conditions. They are often fed on high fat diets and they're not given enough exercise.

Like humans, budgies suffer from the abundance of resources in the western world, and obesity is a serious problem. The most remarkable aspect of budgies is their personalities. This may seem unlikely to readers who have never owned a budgie, but I know this from my own experience.

We have kept two budgies in our home for the past decade, and they have often surprised me with the strength of their little characters.

Sadly, our oldest bird has just passed away. Cosmic was eight years old, and he lived with his female companion, Sheila, in a large cage in our living room. He had been reared by hand, and he genuinely seemed to enjoy the company of humans. We regularly allowed him out of his cage to fly around, after checking that all potential budgie hazards had been removed. No dogs or cats, no open windows, no fans, no open chimneys. Cosmic used to enjoy landing on people's shoulders and heads, perching there while he twittered his budgie song.

He seemed to know when he had taken enough exercise: he flew back into his cage when he decided the time was right. The birds also used their voices to communicate with us when they were in their cage. When I came downstairs in the morning, they would greet me with a cacophony of chirrups, not shutting up until I topped up their seed tray. And as we unpacked the groceries, they'd start up a chorus of twittering until we gave them a grape, a piece of banana or a slice of apple.

Male budgies, in particular, can be taught to speak human words, in the same way as parrots. One American bird called Puck held the world record for the largest vocabulary of any bird, at 1, words, when he died in Budgies can also be taught to carry out simple tricks, using food treats.

I've seen budgies who can do all sorts of activities on command, from ringing a bell, to climbing a ladder, to waving a wing. We never taught Cosmic to do tricks: he lived his life at his own pace in a large cage, enjoying Sheila's company. The two birds used to snuggle up beside each other on the perch: Sheila rested her head on Cosmic's shoulder. They used to look like an affectionate human couple on a park bench: if a pair of birds could be said to be happy together, that was Cosmic and Sheila.

Cosmic's end came quickly. Last Sunday morning, he wasn't on his perch when I came downstairs in the morning. Instead, he was standing on the floor of the cage, with his head drooping. When I examined him, I could find no specific signs of illness, but it was obvious that he wasn't himself. I took him out of the big cage, putting him into a smaller "hospital" cage instead, beside a heater to keep him warm. He deteriorated during the day, becoming even weaker.

There was something seriously wrong with him: at his age, internal disease like cancer is common. Our whole family was in the room that evening when Cosmic died.

It was strange. Sheila was in the big cage, beside him, and she had been quiet all day. All of a sudden, she started chirruping loudly, almost like an alarm of some kind. We went over to look, and Cosmic had fallen onto his side. He took a couple of final gasps, then it was over. As soon as he stopped moving, Sheila went very quiet. We haven't had time to think about a new companion for Sheila, but in due course, it will the best thing for her.

Budgies love company. We know that, one day, Sheila will learn to enjoy resting her head against a new cage mate's shoulder. Close Small birds like budgies can be good pets. They are surprisingly good companions for humans. Facebook Twitter Email Whatsapp.

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Training Your Budgie: How To Tame a Parakeet

Budgies budgerigars are small parrots that make delightful pets. They are usually friendly and easy to tame, and are quite capable of mimicking speech. Budgies are sometimes also called parakeets specifically shell parakeets as they are members of the parakeet family. There are also two types of budgies — the American budgie or parakeet, and the English budgie.

In the wild, budgerigars, also called budgies and parakeets, spend their entire lives in flocks of up to several hundred specimens. In captivity, their flock is you.

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Keeping A Pair Of Budgies/Parakeets

Privacy Policy. First, the easiest way to hand train your new pet is to start with a baby budgie. Baby budgies have black button eyes, with no pupil or iris easily distinguished. They sometimes have a black tip on their beak, and often have dark stripes on their head feathers. The cere the fleshy bit right on the top of their beak will be soft and smooth. Budgies are ready to leave their parents at approximately 7 — 8 weeks old. Any budgie under 16 weeks of age is a baby and will be a good candidate for finger training and teaching to talk. Many people request a male budgie — incorrectly thinking that only male budgies can learn to speak. Females can talk too! Mature males and females have different coloured ceres, males have bright blue ceres, females can have pink or beige or even very pale blue ceres.

How to Bond With Budgies

As one of the most popular, colorful and easy breeders of the entire parrot family, its whimsical personality has endeared it to the hearts of millions with its natural charm, cheerful chatter and kaleidoscopic tints, tones and pigments. This fascinating little Australian bird, ranging from 6 to 8 inches in size, caters to various tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer the smaller, less extravagant American pet size, or the loftier, larger exhibition show bird, such as the English budgie — or even a cross between the two — the choices and colors are endless. Budgies can thrive in individual households and bird aviaries , provided their needs are met. As energetic as its close relatives, budgies require a lot of exercise in order to flourish.

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Budgies are playful, love food and they can rival any parrot in terms of talking ability. The wild budgie is similar to the birds we see today in pet shops, though smaller between 6 and 7 inches long , and only found in the nominate color, green. Europeans became charmed with the birds, which bred readily, making them a staple pet in wealthy homes.

Your budgies’ diet

I love raising budgies; they are just the cutest and most adorable birds out there. Budgies are great friends to have. A quick browse on Google images reveals many images of their amusing antics. It's no wonder that they are so popular to have as a pet.

Trying to decide whether to buy a lovebird or a budgie? Well wonder no more! While cage birds are still less popular pets than cats or dogs, for those in the know there really is no substitute. While budgies and lovebirds can make attractive pets to admire from a distance they really come into their own when it comes to human-pet interactions. Both species are long-lived and easily-tamed, meaning that you can expect a long relationship with your pet.

Keeping A Pair Of Budgies/Parakeets

Your budgie may be as friendly as can be, as far as he's concerned, but to you he seems anxious or not fond of your company. For an untamed budgie, you are a potential predator and threat. Let him get used to you and you'll see a world of difference. Let your little guy get used to his surroundings if he's new to your family. Put his cage in a semi-busy room where he'll be able to watch you without being overwhelmed by loud noises. Talk to him in a sweet voice every time you walk by his cage. Say something like, "Hey, pretty bird" or something similar. Even just saying "Hi, birdie!

Budgie-friendly fruit and veg. Even though pellets provide everything your budgies need, it's nice to have some variation and offering them fresh foods can help.

Budgerigars or parakeets are fun birds to keep as pets. Although budgies are not difficult to tame, the taming process requires plenty of time, patience, and consistency. To tame your budgie, start by placing its cage next to you while you're hanging out at home, which will help it get used to your presence. Do this for about a week, and then start placing your hands on the outside of the cage and talking to your budgie in a soothing voice. When your budgie seems comfortable with that, begin putting your hand inside of its cage and offering it treats.

How to Introduce a Second Budgie

As intelligent birds, parakeets -- sometimes also known as budgies -- can make fun and rewarding pets. However, they're all individuals with their own personalities and some may take longer to bond with their owners than others. If your bird doesn't bond with you right away, persevere and you'll end up with a feathered friend. Don't get upset if your parakeet won't bond with you at first, instead look at the situation from his perspective.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly about BUDGIES!

My experience with caring for budgies comes from both keeping one as a pet, as well as advising pet store clients on proper set-up and care. Budgies, which are more commonly known as parakeets, are excellent starter birds for those who have never owned a pet bird and would like to have a feathered friend. They generally have a cheerful disposition, are not as demanding as many larger birds, and are relatively hardy.

Fluttering, twittering, chattering — step into our Budgie Buddies aviary and be surrounded by a flock of colorful little Australian birds!

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Budgies are Great Companions

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