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How to get a swiss girlfriend

Did you learn that they speak German in Switzerland? That's a common misconception! In Switzerland they speak Swiss German, and that's something completely different. Swiss German has its own pronunciation, many different words, its own grammar, and most Germans have difficulty understanding this funny language. The German-speaking Swiss write standard German, that's true - there is no Swiss German official language but still some literature, e-mails etc.

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Swiss holiday suggestions for a couple. - Switzerland Forum

Hi everyone, Quick background is that I am from the U. I have done a decent amount of reading on the various swiss permits, but have a few questions as to what I can or should do: Option 1: - preferred option Can I apply for the partner visa without getting married since she is a Swiss Citizen? I can show that I can support myself financially with bank statements and meet the minimum requirement 30k.

Option 2: Visit Switzerland for 90 days on tourist visa and try to interview for jobs. Is this legal? I know you cannot interview on a tourist visa in the UK. Once I can get an offer, then I would have to leave Switzerland and file the necessary paperwork for Permit B before I can come back. I heard this is very difficult being a non-EU citizen, so Option 1 is probably the most ideal if I can obtain some form of permit that will allow me to live and work in Switzerland.

Downside is that this can push us from being together for another year, is very expensive and also has a lot of risk if I can't obtain a Swiss job. I thought about St. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on my potential options above or what you would do in my situation.

Please fire away if there are any alternative solutions I have not thought of! I know marriage is a potential solution, but we've only known each other for a year so we want to explore all potential options to try to make this work.

Thanks in advance for everyone's time. I really do appreciate it! Hi Roegner - thanks for your link and the time you took to respond - really appreciate it and it was very helpful. Seems like marriage is probably the best solution. Depending on their nationality, they may require an entry visa, which has to be applied for in advance from the Swiss representation in the country of residence. Within 14 days after their arrival in Switzerland, they have to apply for a residence permit at the relevant authority for foreigners.

In order to apply for this type of residence permit, the future place of residence in Switzerland has to already be established. The relevant cantonal immigration authority will ask for documentation proving that the cohabitation relationship has already existed for some years, and will also specify certain conditions joint place of residence, guarantee declaration, registration requirement, etc.

Without a residence permit, foreign nationals are not permitted to work in Switzerland. Also search English Forum on "cohabitation" and "unmarried" There's a lot of information.

It's not easy, but it is do-able. If you're worried the relationship won't survive the distance, consider the stress you'll have if you get married, give up your job and life in the USA and don't have another plan if things go pear-shaped. What if you get here, don't speak German, don't have a job, and can't get one due to the lack of language skills?

Can she support you long-term? Does she want to? What if you move here and hate it? I'm not saying that will happen - maybe you can find a job quickly. But many trailing spouses find that even having the permit that allows you to work doesn't automatically start the job offers rolling in. Yes, you can job-hunt while here as a tourist.

You just can't start work until a permit has been approved. Unfortunately unless you're married you're in the non-EU hiring queue, which is to say, last. Or get an independent study permit. Do a search here on the forum for MBA. Good luck - it pays to ask questions now rather than later. This user would like to thank 3Wishes for this useful post: Mullhollander.

Medea Fleecestealer. Frankly - continue to do the long distance thing for a while longer. I know that's not what you want to hear, but rushing into a marriage isn't a good idea either. You have the pressure of a new phase in your relationship, a totally different country to get used to, a place where you don't speak the language, may not be able to find a job, etc, etc.

Also do you and she know what you're letting yourselves in for as regards to US taxation. As a US citizen you're obligated to file US tax returns no matter where you live in the world and could owe the US tax on top of the local ones. To open any account you would have to sign a W-9 form to allow the bank to send the account info on to the IRS - your new wife would also need to do this if you have a joint account.

And any foreign, i. The Swiss consider you her dependent and she's the one who has to show she earns enough to support you. Not that this option is really open to you since the relationship hasn't been in existence long enough as far as the Swiss are concerned. You'd need a university degree and several years of experience in your field. An MBA won't do anything for you much - they're not valued here as they are in other countries and depending on what it's in the language problem may still be there.

What does she do for a living and what is it you do? Depending on whatever your professional situations are, it may be easier for her to move to the US than the other way around.

Same situation here and should we survive, that's what I'll do. Mainly cause he speaks zero German and has closer ties, professional and otherwise, to where he is now than I do here. So - pragmatic approach it is. Aside from that: Option 1: possible Option 2: pointless, makes no difference whether you're here or not.

Option 3: if your sole motivation is "to be here", then this is too expensive and given the competitiveness of these schools, I would say you'd have to get fairly lucky to get a spot within a reasonable time frame. This user would like to thank Samaire13 for this useful post: Mullhollander. Wow, thanks for everyone's quick responses. Rushing into marriage is something I prefer not to do as well and it looks like the MBA route is not as attractive.

I did have a friend that got a masters in Zurich and was able to get a job without knowing any German or any of Switzerland's national languages. But maybe those jobs are hard to come by. She will not have enough income to support me financially, so at some point it may make sense for her to join me somewhere so we can establish a co-habitation relationship and go from there Thanks again for everyones input and time, I'm really appreciate it!!! Most Masters here are taught in English, though some may also require you to know a Swiss language - just depends on the course subject.

Non-EU graduates from Swiss universities do have slightly easier access to the Swiss job market, but again it depends on the degree you get. Thread Tools. Posting Rules You may not post new threads. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are Off. Pingbacks are Off. Refbacks are Off. Forum Rules. The time now is Non-EU with Swiss Girlfriend. Re: Non-EU with Swiss Girlfriend Hi Roegner - thanks for your link and the time you took to respond - really appreciate it and it was very helpful.

Mullhollander Forum Veteran. This user would like to thank 3Wishes for this useful post:. Medea Fleecestealer Forum Legend. Samaire13 Forum Legend. This user would like to thank Samaire13 for this useful post:. Re: Non-EU with Swiss Girlfriend Most Masters here are taught in English, though some may also require you to know a Swiss language - just depends on the course subject. Posting Rules. Similar Threads. Permit B with Non Eu Girlfriend. I'm non EU south african , girlfriend is EU with b permit.

Non-EU girlfriend.

Moving to Switzerland

You're single and successful. You dress well and know what wine to order. You moved to Switzerland because you love the idea of taking on new challenges and adventures. You've got serious form, for goodness sakes! Then why doesn't your love life follow suit?

Two partners living together without being married or in a registered partnership do not enjoy the same social and legal rights as a married couple. You can, however, ensure your rights as a couple by signing a cohabitation agreement. Cohabitation has no effect on the surname of either partner.

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Switzerland votes in favour of LGBT protection bill

Few things get the Swiss going like a good wedge of cheese. Cheese is a national treasure and your Swiss date will happily show you these smelly ropes. The Swiss are renowned for being pretty stiff when it comes to feelings and that whole socializing thing. So, if you like your relationships on the glacial side of the emotion spectrum, book your next flight to Zurich. Many things are synonymous with Switzerland and skiing is one of them. So, it goes without saying that snow and ice lovers will love the Swiss. Switzerland has four official languages French, German, Italian, and Romansh. The Swiss love the outdoors. Switzerland really gets a bad rep. Expats this writer excluded frequently bad mouth the Swiss as being slow, unfriendly, rude, and unapproachable.

Residence Permit

Switzerland is not lacking in options for socialising and turning your leisure time into quality time. But since socialising per definition requires more than one person, there is a snag if you want to meet the locals in Switzerland. It's one of the reasons for Switzerland's drop in this expat ranking to 44th place. The Swiss tend to stick to their circle of friends from school days and they are very respectful of others' privacy. It may be small consolation, but even a Swiss moving to another town may wait a long time for an invitation for an after-work drink, let alone to someone's home for dinner.

Hi everyone, Quick background is that I am from the U.

We Swiss are not known for being particularly passionate or emotional. The Italians or Spaniards are. But even if we show our feelings less in public, because we believe that this is a private matter, it does not mean that we have no feelings. Just like anyone else, we fall in love and share our emotions with the people who are important to us and whom we love.

11 Reasons Why You Should Date a Swiss

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Getting married in Switzerland

General Information: Important! Third-country nationals who intend to stay in Austria for more than six months require a residence permit unless they have a right of residence according to Union law. As a matter of principle, first applications for a residence title shall be filed abroad and in person, before entering Austria. Certain groups of persons may also file first applications in Austria, among others:. Family members of Austrian, EEA and Swiss citizens who do not have a right of residence according to Union law, after lawful entry and during lawful residence. Foreign citizens entitled to enter without a visa, during their permitted visa-free stay. Foreign citizens principally entitled to enter without a visa, but holding a visa e.

Feb 9, - Voters in Switzerland have backed a proposal to make discrimination Now I have a girlfriend, and we are a cuddly couple, we do hold hands.

Our team of experts is ready to help you find a home abroad, move your household goods, and settle into your new country. Use this guide to understand the requirements for moving to Switzerland. Need to move abroad?

Me and my girlfriend had been thinking about visiting Switzerland together for some time now. I've been there twice Geneva - Zurich - Interlaken and Interlaken- Jungfraujoch and it will be first time for her. I want to plan it between Aug. It will be her 30th birthday as well and I want to make it special.

Switzerland is a unique country to get married in, not only because of its beautiful landscapes, but also in legal terms. When it comes to marriage, foreigners in the country don't face too many legal restrictions. Both residents and non-residents in Switzerland can get married with relative ease.

Learn how to navigate the world of dating in Switzerland with our guide to understanding Swiss men and women and the dating scene.

Paracelsus , byname of Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim , born November 11 or December 17, , Einsiedeln , Switzerland—died September 24, , Salzburg , Archbishopric of Salzburg [now in Austria] , German-Swiss physician and alchemist who established the role of chemistry in medicine. He published Der grossen Wundartzney Great Surgery Book in and a clinical description of syphilis in His new name reflected the fact that he regarded himself as even greater than Aulus Cornelius Celsus , a renowned 1st-century Roman medical writer. It is believed that he then received a doctoral degree from the University of Ferrara in

By Kevin Casey August 1, pm. The year-old noted that following the Open, he took a vacation with his children and girlfriend, Erica Herman, to Switzerland. The trip, predictably, proved to be a bit of a reprieve after a stressful week. And it should also prove useful with a busy stretch of golf coming up Woods could play as many as seven of the next nine weeks. Tiger Woods , Quick Shots. The organization announced the cancellation …. Should golf courses become shared spaces?

Visiting Switzerland as a tourist is authorised for up to 90 days without registration. It is forbidden to work during this period. Working in Switzerland for more than 8 calendar days per year also requires a work permit. To work in Switzerland, all non-Swiss generally require some form of immigration authorisation - usually a work permit, or a combined work and residence permit.

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