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How to find facebook friends on quizup

However, a surprising number of people who fell in love with the app also fell in love with each other. Now QuizUp is poised to pivot, taking advantage of its innate ability to connect players — whether for love, friendship or just a killer trivia smackdown. We wanted a way to harness that. For example, you might search for a male user between the ages of 25 and 35 who likes Mad Men , Batman and pro wrestling.

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: QuizUp Hopes Social Add-Ons Will Set It Apart

You Should Play: QuizUp

Emma Sammuli , Lifestyle Editor March 26, Staying in touch with friends at this time can seem impossible. But with QuizUp, you can challenge your friends all over the world to trivia.

After creating an account on the app, you can virtually challenge any one of your friends who also has the app. I created my account through Facebook, which enabled me to see my Facebook friends on QuizUp. You can also play more specific topics, such as trivia about your favorite tv shows, movies, music and books. Challenge them to a game of trivia and see who really is the biggest Potterhead.

QuizUp also has a newsfeed feature, which allows users to post pictures in different categories of trivia. Other users can then like and comment on the post. The app lets you face off against random players around the world. The questions are timed, and whoever answers the quickest and chooses the right answer gets the most amount of points. Email address:. Rebecca Duffy , Campus News Editor. Ask Beccy: What happens next.

As the crisis has unfolded in the US one thing remains clear: our social safety net is failing us. Quarantine reflection: Breaking out of the suburban bubble.

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Facebook is for old friends, QuizUp is for new ones

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QuizUp, which is headquartered in Iceland but has an office in San Francisco, has won the attention of users and investors with its trivia app. On Thursday, QuizUp will launch a new version of its product, a social networking platform rooted in trivia. While Facebook lets users connect with existing friends, QuizUp wants to help people find new friends, and new lovers.

These days, keeping up with games can be a full-time job. So how do you separate the signal from the noise, the wheat from the chaff, the Temple Runs from the Temple Jumps? Allow us to help by regularly selecting a game You Should Play. How long would it take to drive the distance to the moon , miles if you traveled 10 hours a day at 60 miles per hour? And this new Android release is nearly identical to its iOS counterpart, save for a few controls that are specific to each platform.

Compete With Friends and Random Opponents with QuizUp

Not surprisingly, users are highly engaged, spending 40 minutes a day on average in the app. In more simple language QuizUp is an app where you can play a quiz with a competitor on any subject you both like. Your competitor can be your friend or a total stranger. After you download the app you will be asked to sign up. Alternatively you can also sign up through your email address. Once you are in you will be asked to choose a topic. Initially you will be displayed about a dozen topics to choose from. Once you choose a topic you will be asked to select a sub-topic. For example if I selected Literature initially I can further narrow down the niche by choosing, say, Charles Dickens, and all the questions will then be put to me related to Dickens only.

How To Play The Fastest-Growing iPhone Game Of All Time

Emma Sammuli , Lifestyle Editor March 26, Staying in touch with friends at this time can seem impossible. But with QuizUp, you can challenge your friends all over the world to trivia. After creating an account on the app, you can virtually challenge any one of your friends who also has the app. I created my account through Facebook, which enabled me to see my Facebook friends on QuizUp.

May 29,

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How to Add Friends in QuizUp

Have you ever spent an entire dinner bickering with your brother over what Barney did in which season which episode of How I Met Your Mother? Have you ever felt so peeved that you watched the movie in which Brad Pitt was actually Edward Norton and they were going mad, but it was your best friend who recalled the film title you forgot? Welcome to Triviaville, where outsmarting our peers over the most trivial of pursuits would bring us the most therapeutic of sensations.

Do you know who won the Oscar for Best Actor in ? I couldn't until I started playing QuizUp. This incredibly fun app, with 3. It's the fastest growing iPhone game of all time. Questions relating to business, technology, movies and TV. Players can even request a new topic for Quizup to add.

QuizUp Friends and Groups

As a trivia fan, I was intrigued when I read about QuizUp. This trivia game app offers players the chance to challenge other users to trivia competitions on a wide range of topics. Some are broad, like General Knowledge, but many are very specific, such as trivia related to Minecraft, allowing users to choose topics that are of particular interest to them. When you start a game, you can opt to challenge one of your friends via Facebook, the iOS Game Center or your contact list. When you challenge someone, you can send them an invitation to the game, which will send them a link to connect. I personally had trouble using the links to access challenge games with friends, but I was able to send challenges to others. If you would rather or if none of your friends are available , you can instead select Play Now, which will match you with a random player.

i have the android version and i can't find any facebook friends? it only allows me to invite people but the people already See more of QuizUp on Facebook.

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You Should Play: QuizUp

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