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How do you see the views on facebook

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Creators get excited about their high view count on Facebook videos, but often fail to realize that YouTube and Facebook count views very differently. In fact, if you think your Facebook video views are the same as your YouTube views, you may feel a bit misled when you realize Facebook views and YouTube views are not the same thing. Today we are going to talk about Facebook views versus YouTube views. Are they really the same thing?

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How to See Who Viewed & Watch My Facebook Video

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How to Check Facebook Video Views

Why Facebook Video Views are Misleading

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Want longer video views on Facebook? In this episode, I interview Paul Ramondo. Paul is a Facebook ads expert who vlogs about digital marketing.

His agency, RamondoMedia , helps people generate leads and sales using Facebook ads. His course is called Funnels In , Paul loved going to local music shows. So he started running shows for a local event-management company. At the time, print media was important but also quite expensive. So Paul got his start in social media marketing running promotions for local shows through MySpace. In fact, at around the same time, he chose to study marketing when he went to university.

After Paul finished his degree, he started working at a social media startup agency in Perth. In that role, he created organic content mostly for Facebook but also for other social platforms. He also started playing around with Facebook ads. Back then, Facebook ads were basic sidebar ads with limited targeting options.

He became even more excited about his work after the Facebook pixel became available and he could track what people did on websites. As an example, the ability to accurately track the revenue your ad spend generated as well as other metrics was exciting. From that point forward, Facebook ads became his primary focus. Before Paul started his company, he worked at different agencies and on the client side.

For one client, Paul built a funnel that used Facebook to reach a qualified audience. The funnel took the audience through awareness, generating traffic to blog articles, a lead magnet, and then conversion.

About a year ago, Paul started vlogging on YouTube , mostly as a creative outlet. He was spending a lot of time creating content and at first pushed it out only to his YouTube channel. People were engaging with the content, but the reach was incredibly small. Paul was spending so much time creating his vlogs, he wanted more viewers and started repurposing his vlogs on his Facebook page. His YouTube channel had about subscribers, whereas his Facebook page had about 4, followers.

As soon as he started sharing his vlogs on Facebook, he began getting hundreds more views. Then Paul did a deep dive into the analytics, comparing his Facebook page insights to his YouTube subscriber analytics. Paul wondered why his YouTube audience consumed his content in a different way than his Facebook audience. He was especially curious why his Facebook audience watched less of his videos because he thought he had a much stronger relationship and relevance with that audience.

While Paul was considering how to improve his Facebook watch time, Facebook video ads became really hot. Paul began wondering if turning his vlogs into inexpensive Facebook video ads to generate awareness would help.

With this goal in mind, Paul was thinking about the difference between the ways people consume content on Facebook versus YouTube. Paul visits YouTube with the intention of watching TV and spends an hour or so checking out his favorite vloggers and channels. The videos are all high-quality, and he enjoys that.

He might be sitting on the couch with his phone and start watching a good loop of videos for about 45 minutes. His views were all organic, and a few ads appeared in between them.

Paul saw the suggested videos feed as a way to reach people in a video-viewing mindset and take advantage of low-cost video ads. In Facebook Ads Manager, Paul found a video ad placement option for the suggested videos feed a new option at the time. Using his existing targeting parameters for a cold Facebook audience, Paul tested video ads in this feed. Paul says he wants to build the subscriber base of his YouTube channel. Also, to build his relationship with his audience, Paul focuses his vlog content specifically on building brand equity.

Video is one of the best tools for personifying your brand. He tries to entertain but also to educate and provide value. With the video ads, Paul was targeting cold traffic within the demographic and sociographic limitations of his audience. However, you can also target warm traffic with this type of ad. You have to prepare the video in a way that optimizes it for viewers. Then he chooses a video to promote based on how it performs organically. Only then does he open Ads Manager and start promoting videos with an ad campaign.

With this in mind, Paul has two thumbnails for each video. The YouTube thumbnail has huge text that grabs attention because that approach is encouraged on YouTube. Paul also uses Rev , a transcription and captioning service, to create an SRT file that adds subtitles to his videos. For Paul, adding subtitles is a best practice. Choose a Video : After uploading video, Paul uses the organic performance to test whether putting money behind some content is worthwhile. For instance, say you post four videos, and one is an absolute standout.

This approach is like a split test because it makes more sense to put money behind the best-performing content. Otherwise, you could be potentially leaving views on the table.

Promoting an existing post has other advantages, too. In your data, all the video views are collated. If you run separate video ads, you have data in two places. However, when you promote an existing post, the organic and ad data accumulate in one place. Meet your secret team that makes you look like a social media genius and empowers you to embrace change!

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The organic video views are also a primer for increased engagement with your ad. For example, say a video receives 50 reactions, 4 shares, and 11 comments through organic engagement. After you turn that video into an ad, that organic engagement stays with the video post, which encourages people you reach via the ad to watch the video because other people already like it.

Although you could repurpose the content and create a new ad, you will lose all the historical data and engagement. In this case, the goal is for people to watch the content all the way through.

After you create and name a campaign in Ads Manager, you choose the Video Views campaign objective. Next, create the ad set and set up the audience targeting. To keep it simple, you can target people who like your Facebook page. If you have an international audience, you can target people worldwide.

If your audience is focused in a specific country like the U. In the ad set, after the Audience section, you see the Placement section. By default, Facebook selects Automatic Placements. However, Paul strongly recommends the Mobile placement option because it offers the best deal. To change the placement setting, click Edit Placements and clear the checkmarks next to everything but the Mobile device type.

Paul thinks desktop placement is much more expensive than mobile because people use Facebook on their mobile phones much more often than on their desktop computers. This creates a supply-and-demand issue. Clear all those options except Suggested Videos and Feeds. You also need to set your daily budget or a lifetime budget. You can then optimize your audience targeting later in the campaign. For now, this low amount gives you the data you need to test and improve your audience targeting.

After you find your optimized audience, you can increase the amount you spend per day. With this option selected, Facebook will deliver your ads to people who will help you get the most video views at 10 seconds or more for the lowest cost. Your ad is promoting the video to build on its organic success. After you select Use Existing Post, you simply select the video you want to promote and publish the ad.

If you like, you can add a call-to-action button. Test Your Audience Targeting : Before you start testing different audiences, Paul recommends creating the campaign, ad set, and ad, and then publishing the ad following the process he just described. This way, you know all the variables in the campaign are consistent. After you publish the initial ad, duplicate the ad set one or two times, and do an AB or ABC test with different audiences.

The purpose is to see which ad set performs best based on your overarching goal. To illustrate, your A audience might be people in the U. Paul recommends running these ads for 7 days. Facebook needs time to generate data outside the learning period of the ads.

By waiting 7 days, each ad set has time to accumulate more than 1, impressions. To customize your data columns, click the drop-down menu below the Ad Sets tab and select Customize Columns.

What counts as a video view? A refresher on how social platforms calculate video ad views

By now, you've most likely noticed the many apps and Web services claiming to let you see who's viewing your Facebook profile. Is your college ex checking up on you? Is someone from work scrolling through pictures of your beach vacation? Are your parents secretly peeking in on your private life?

You might be curious about who is actively looking at your profile. Although there is no clear metric, you can get an idea of who views your profile on Facebook.

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How to Use Facebook Ads to Improve Your Video Views

Facebook is a great platform for businesses for a number of reasons. One primary reason is simply the huge number of people using the platform. Beyond that, though, the sheer wealth of information they give you to target and reach your audience is beyond compare. Among all of the possible pieces of data you might want to see, the number of people viewing your posts is a rather simple one. First up, I need to discuss page roles. Everyone who has a hand in managing your page should have an assigned role for your page. Every page role can view insights, but the other actions they can take are limited. Advertisers can do everything analysts can do, but are also able to create ads, promotions, and boosted posts.

Boost Your Facebook Video Views with These 6 Tactics

Want to see who is viewing your posts on your business Facebook page? Learn how to track post views on Facebook with our tutorial video! You can see how many people have looked at each post, and figure out which posts are your most popular. You will probably like to know how many people see the posts on your business page.

Tina Ahmed posted on 18 April

The idea for this experiment came to me after doing a few Facebook Live videos on the Agorapulse page. I could see the views were pretty high, yet the interaction was just so-so. With four billion video views happening daily on Facebook what is considered a video view?

Is there a real way to see who views your profile on Facebook?

Zach Basner. September 17th, min read. With over 2 billion users worldwide, the amount of content generated on the platform is staggering.

Make sure that the website you are ordering from is secure "Many websites will have a seal at the bottom stating that the website is indeed secure and will not make your information public under any circumstances. Search for product reviews beforehand "Returning items to online stores can be a major hassle. So why not find out what others think of the product before you purchase it online? For example, before buying a new laptop, search for comments and complaints associated with the brand. If there are more negative reviews than positive, and the same problem is reoccurring, then it may not be a brand worth investing in. This will save yourself from buying something that would have to be returned to the store soon after receipt.

Are People Really Watching Your Facebook Videos?

Get the most important digital marketing news each day. See terms. This article has been updated to reflect changes and include video ad view count information from more platforms. Twitter attributes more than half of its ad revenue to video, its fastest growing ad format. Yet, video ad bidding and view measurement and reporting can vary widely by platform. As the market for video ads has grown, many social platforms have expanded bidding options and reporting metrics for video ads.

Jun 15, - Social Media Marketing Podcast In this episode, explore a creative way to increase Facebook video watch time with Paul Ramondo.

It is, after all, the year ; any digital marketing strategy that lacks video is incomplete. If you want to keep your prospects from scrolling directly past your videos, you need to put together some kind of plan. For those of you who are strictly interested in organic video, the tips in the next section are still applicable! Facebook offers 11 different types of campaigns to their advertisers— video views being one of them.

How to See Who Views Your Facebook Profile

Want longer video views on Facebook? In this episode, I interview Paul Ramondo. Paul is a Facebook ads expert who vlogs about digital marketing. His agency, RamondoMedia , helps people generate leads and sales using Facebook ads.

How to Track Post Views on Facebook

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