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Girl meets world fanfiction rucas high school

Wake up, you have to meet your tour guide at He slowly sat up in bed and angrily got ready for school. He had just recently moved here from Austin and even though he got along with most of the people on the football team, he didn't know anyone else or the school. It was his senior year and he couldn't dread it more. Lucas was extremely attractive; he had naturally tan skin, a strong jaw, bright green eyes and sandy blonde hair.

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Hello, my fellow readers. Since there's two episodes left in season three, I figured to give you all something special for your Rucas fix and I've been inspired to write this story and this is a collection of one-shots about our favorite OTP and it will contain some super Rucas cuteness.

Thirteen prompts about Rucas in thirteen days. These prompts will document Riley and Lucas' relationship in high school, college, their married life and their family life. The story is rated T for some language and some sexual humor. I might up it to an M-rating depending on if I add some extra prompts in the story. I do not own Girl Meets World or the characters. Here it is, the first chapter of The 13 Days of Rucas. Seventeen-year-old Riley Matthews was excited about tonight.

Tonight was a big night for her and her handsome boyfriend Lucas. It was their three-year anniversary and she has something special planned for him. She was at the apartment fixing a big dinner for her and Lucas.

After she finished getting everything ready for Lucas, the cheerful brunette entered her room to change into her outfit. She pulled out a red floral flutterby dress by Free People, her denim jacket and a pair of studded ankle boots that she had laying by the side of her bed.

Riley had her hair down and straightened and put on lipstick and very little lip gloss and sprayed some lavender-scented perfume. As she got dressed, the doorbell rang and she ran out of her room to answer the door. The pretty brunette opened the door, only to see Lucas looking dapper in his black blazer jacket, dark blue button-down shirt, a black jeans and his black shoes, not to mention that he just shave so Riley wouldn't deal with his stubble tickling her face.

Lucas was holding a bouquet of daisies in one hand and a box of Russell Stover chocolates in the other hand. You look handsome as always. I also have a gift for you but I want to wait until I give it to you before we eat. I see that you fixed something delicious and for us to enjoy. Originally, I was going to have mom cook dinner for us or I could've just ordered us a pizza or Chinese food but this is our special night and I want everything to be perfect for us.

Lucas smiled at Riley as he held her hand, walking over to the table with her and pulled the chair out for her before sitting down. Riley opened up a bottle of Welch's sparkling white grape juice and poured some in Lucas' glass and in her glass before raising it up to make a toast.

Lucas' eyes widened from the sight of the amazing meal that Riley made as she sits his plate down in front of him. I guess you could say that I take after my mother and inherited her cooking skills. I'll have to use them when we both get married. Let me run into my room to go get it while you wait here. I can't wait to see what you've got for me. Lucas blew Riley a kiss as she left to go get her gift for Lucas from out of her room.

Lucas sighed and pulled out a rectangular box from out of his left jacket pocket. Lucas puts the box back in his pocket as Riley sat back down on the chair.

This is one that I made for us. What did you get me? Riley looked up at Lucas and gave him a curious look, wanting to know what was in the box. Open it. Riley removed the small red ribbon from off of the box and opened it, letting out a small gasp as her eyes began to water with tears. It was a bracelet with different charms on it. The charms on the bracelet represent the moments in our lives. The first charm represents the Statue of Liberty.

Because I'm your princess. That represents the time that you encouraged me to ride Tombstone the bull. This little jellybean represents me choosing you and we became boyfriend and girlfriend. Like our love for each other. The kiss lasted for about five seconds until Riley rested her forehead on top of his.

And that was Day 1 of The 13 Days of Rucas. So, what did you all think of it? This idea popped up while I was at work and I had to share it with my friend. By the way, this story will have mentions of some of the original characters that I created for Be My Baby and Juliet's World and some of the prompts takes place after Be My Baby and before Juliet's World. Next time on The 13 Days of Rucas , Day 2 will involve Riley, Lucas and four-year-old Juliet looking at a new house for them to live in.

Don't forget to review this story, add this to your favorites and follow it for future updates. Now, I know that this story will have like 13 Rucas one-shots, if I decide to make more, feel free to share some of your Rucas prompts with me.

Don't worry, it's not like Rucas: Tales of Love , which I have to continue to update because it's been a while. I'm depending whether or not I should up the rating to an M-rating for 13 Days of Rucas because there's a prompt involving Riley's first time with Lucas. What do you guys think? Should I stick with a T-rating or go with an M-rating? I'll see you guys next time for Day 2.

Till next time, my fellow readers. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Thirteen prompts that document Riley and Lucas' relationship in high school, college, their married life and their family life. The 13 Days of Rucas Hello, my fellow readers.

Day 1 Anniversary Lucas and Riley are celebrating their three-year anniversary. So, what did you cook up for us?

Riley, I'm very impressed. I think it's pretty sweet, Riley. And I love you. Anniversary 2. A House Is Not a Home 3. Wedding Day Jitters 4. Games 5. Surprises 6. First Time 7. A Closeted Fan 8. Proposals 9. Movie Night House Rules Promposals Cravings The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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The story idea I told you about? That did not happen until September last year where I went to New York for an internship for 4 months. Lucas invites all his friends over to Texas for the summer again before their second year of High School and he invites Josh spontaneously , too.

Riley and Lucas start officially dating on the first day of freshman year. Other than Maya, Farkle, and Zay, nobody actually realizes until homecoming of sophomore year. It's not that they're intentionally keeping it a secret, they just don't feel the need to change their public behavior.

It was yet again time for Riley's alarm clock to go off at an ungodly hour. After a lovely three month break, Riley's alarm clock was back to work full time making sure that she got up at 7AM each and every weekday. Riley's arm tiredly slapped it off as the thirteen year old girl slowly got out of bed and made her way towards the bathroom. Today was the gang's first day of high school. New teachers, new faces, new experiences, new school…Riley sighed as she finished doing her hair after she got out of the shower.

It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Riley Matthews, eldest daughter to Topanga and Corey Matthews began her day with an immense smile on her face and ready to conquer her new kingdom, High School. She will be joined by her best friend Maya Hart and cohorts of quirky individuals. However, it did not go as she imagined, but Riley did not let go of the idea of a perfect day. She allowed the older seniors to submit her to "the hole" because she knew it had to be for a worthy reason. As the optimistic the others followed her belief until it boiled over into an argument.

Hello, my fellow readers. Since there's two episodes left in season three, I figured to give you all something special for your Rucas fix and I've been inspired to write this story and this is a collection of one-shots about our favorite OTP and it will contain some super Rucas cuteness. Thirteen prompts about Rucas in thirteen days. These prompts will document Riley and Lucas' relationship in high school, college, their married life and their family life.

Hey Guys!

They had been dating for six months now. She wasn't going to answer that question. He went to the same high school?

They had been sophomores for two weeks and Riley couldn't believe that Maya had done something so crazy that it landed all six of them in Saturday detention at the same time. She couldn't help but be angry at her best friend for causing it, Riley didn't want anything bad on her permanent record. The memory of the D she had gotten in Spanish still haunted her even though she had pulled up her grade in the long run.

I know this feeling. This hurt that Riley's going through Yes, it's just a tv show but I understand it. I've been Riley. This story is pretty much going to be about my situation with my best friend, and how I thought I could be okay with this, but I couldn't. This is going to be my story, but with Riley, Maya, and Lucas. It's set their Sophomore year of High School.

 Nimm deinen FuB weg! - прорычал немец.  - Уберите ногу. Взгляд Беккера упал на пухлые пальцы мужчины. Никакого кольца. Я так близок к цели, - подумал. - Ein Ring! - повторил Беккер, но дверь закрылась перед его носом. Он долго стоял в роскошно убранном коридоре, глядя на копию Сальватора Дали на стене.

Oct 22, - The aftermath of Girl Meets Texas set in their Sophomore year of High School. MAJOR Rucas. I'm sorry guys, but I gotta go with what I like.

Окрыленная надеждой, Сьюзан нажала на кнопку. И опять за дверью что-то как будто включилось. Она услышала, что в кабине работает вентиляция. Лифт. Почему же не открывается дверца.

Вызовите службу безопасности. И давайте выбираться отсюда. Стратмор поднял руку, давая понять, что ему нужно подумать. Сьюзан опасливо перевела взгляд в сторону люка.

Беккер поблагодарил. Отпил глоток и чуть не поперхнулся. Ничего себе капелька. В голове у нее стучало.

У нас две рыжеволосые.

 Помнишь, что случилось в прошлом году, когда Стратмор занимался антисемитской террористической группой в Калифорнии? - напомнила. Бринкерхофф кивнул. Это было одним из крупнейших достижений Стратмора. С помощью ТРАНСТЕКСТА, взломавшего шифр, ему удалось узнать о заговоре и бомбе, подложенной в школе иврита в Лос-Анджелесе.

Ему предложили исчезнуть. - Диагностика, черт меня дери! - бормотал Чатрукьян, направляясь в свою лабораторию.  - Что же это за цикличная функция, над которой три миллиона процессоров бьются уже шестнадцать часов. Он постоял в нерешительности, раздумывая, не следует ли поставить в известность начальника лаборатории безопасности. Да будь они прокляты, эти криптографы. Ничего не понимают в системах безопасности. Присяга, которую Чатрукьян принимал, поступая на службу в АНБ, стала непроизвольно прокручиваться в его голове.

Сьюзан задумалась. Она чувствовала, что здесь что-то не то, но не могла сообразить, что. Она достаточно хорошо знала Танкадо и знала, что он боготворил простоту.

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