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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Maya agreed to play the long game with Josh. The problem is she isn't sure how long the game is or what the rules are.

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Girl Meets World Season 4

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When Maya Hart was just six years of age, she told her mom she wanted to be a gymnast. Her mom laughed at the thought, brushed it off and told Maya she was going to be late to school. Or how about Kermit? How about when Maya's dad up and left her and Katy? He didn't have much faith in her. He didn't believe in her. Maya always felt like Riley's sidekick in life. Maya was there to help Riley study for her exams. She was there to help Riley practice for cheerleading tryouts.

She was there for seventh grade awards night when Riley was up for a prestigious award. But when did Maya ever do anything for herself? When did Maya finally believe? Sitting on the slab of rock just outside the bullring, Maya kicked the dirt in the ground with her boot. She fidgeted with her fingers, felt her chest get tight and her eyes well up. Maya never cared about anything. She always supposed it would keep her from getting hurt. So when she did care, she never knew how to handle it.

She just kicked around the dirt, tried to steady her breath and bit her lip, waiting for Riley to scream and the stadium to draw blank. Maya knew she should have been more supportive.

She knew she should have been more like Riley, patting Lucas' shoulder, telling him it was all going to be alright.

But something in her gut stopped her, something telling her this wasn't going to have a happy Matthew's ending. When Maya had excused herself, Farkle followed, noticing the inconsistency in the pitch of her voice as she tried to restrain from crying. She slumped into a bench just outside the bathroom, threw her head back and closed her eyes, trying to grasp the mess she- Lucas- was in.

Hastily, she sat up, crossing her legs and staring straight ahead. She flipped a few pieces of hair over her shoulder and started to twiddle her thumbs. Her leg bounced, her fingers trailed along the bench restlessly. Farkle said nothing. A few moments later, he announced it would be starting soon. Maya said nothing. Farkle had left to join the Lucas Friar victory party, while Maya stayed along on the bathroom bench, her leg bouncing and her heart racing.

Maya heard the horn blaze. She could almost feel Riley's heart beat out of her chest that very moment, as Riley had decided to watch on the stands.

She was a good friend. Maya felt a variety of emotions overwhelm her- fear, guilt, anxiety, dread. She kicked around the dirt again. The seconds felt like hours. And when the horn finally blazed again, the stadium drew silent. Maya rose to her feet. She stood on her tippy-toes, struggling to see what happened. She didn't want to believe she cared about Lucas. She didn't. That was silly.

She just wanted to see what happened. That was all. Lucas' body laid in that dirt- dead, alive, it didn't matter. He was lifeless down there, and Maya felt her heart stop in her chest. She started to run. She never ran faster. Her eyes burned- she wasn't sure if it was from the dust she was kicking up or the tears that welled in her eyes.

She wanted to think it was the dirt. She wasn't crying. He was okay. He was fine. It was nothing to worry about. Pappy Joe pulled Riley away, as she was relentless at first. She kicked. She screamed. She couldn't let go. When the ambulances had arrived, Riley sobbed into his shoulder, for she had no one else. Maya was speechless. It all happened so fast, the events leading up to this. Maya now sat in the hospital waiting area, just as lifeless as Lucas had just been. Her eyes were dull, glued to the floor.

She was motionless. While Riley struggled to catch her breath, her face wet, cheeks rosy, Maya sat in her chair, legs crossed and her mind blank. Farkle shed tears beside Riley. It was the first time Maya had seen him cry, now that she'd thought about it.

He shed single, lonesome tears. His lips were pouted, eyebrows furrowed, and he nestled into Pappy Joe's other shoulder, sobbing occasionally. Zay talked to the doctors. His confusion clouded his sorrow. He, like Maya, didn't like to cry, though, Maya couldn't explain why she wasn't crying. It was as if she couldn't find the tears, or she couldn't make sense of anything around her. It was like a dream, a distraction from reality, and Maya was ready to kick around the dirt again, to wake her from this nightmare and find herself just outside that bullring again.

Lucas would be okay, a little scuffed up, but fine. Maya gulped. The doctors stood before them, almost suddenly, and Maya blinked, acknowledging their presence. They rambled about a head trauma, using medical terminology only Zay seemed to comprehend, for he'd been WebMd-ing this since they'd arrived at the hospital.

They nodded sympathetically towards Pappy Joe, who talked reasonably, and tried to calm down Riley, who couldn't catch her breath as she spoke. It was as if Maya couldn't hear anything, or at least understand the depth of what was happening around her. The words she heard she took at face value.

It wasn't until the crowd stood from their seats and followed the doctors when Maya's blinded perception had finally dissipated. She walked in the dull, colorless hallways of the Austin hospital, her feet dragging behind her and her posture slumped. Everyone surrounded Riley. Zay and Farkle had their arms around her, as she was hesitant to enter his room, to see his body-stiff, cold- on that hospital bed. She pleaded no, her tears cascading once again, her body frail but stubborn as she fought Zay and Farkle, trying to break away from the door.

Maya watched from afar. She knew she should be there, helping Riley confront Lucas. But she couldn't, as her body too was too frail, too tired. She was afraid. Terrified, in fact. The door opened slowly. Riley bit her lip. The door closed behind the three, and when Riley left, she whimpered. Riley looked at Maya. Her eyes were sad, her heart broken. She needed her best friend. Standing before her, Riley waited.

A hug.

You know i’ll make a woMAN out of you

The gang, along with the rest of their classmates, head to the beach for an end of summer bonfire. Cory shows up and gives them a lesson about the importance of change. Girl Meets Science Fair - Farkle and Smackle are entering the science fair as partners, but begin to find it impossible to work together and decide to do their own projects.

Author's Note: Alright, the second Chapter is here! I hope you all enjoy it and thanks for the encouragement so far.

When Maya Hart was just six years of age, she told her mom she wanted to be a gymnast. Her mom laughed at the thought, brushed it off and told Maya she was going to be late to school. Or how about Kermit? How about when Maya's dad up and left her and Katy?

Maternity, A Rucas/Joshaya Fic

Hi this is the first chapter of a two shot! I really hope you like it. My inspiration for this story the song Forever and Always by Parachute. I recommend you type the song into youtube and listen to it first! You have to make sure that you document the day that Maya Hart wears a dress. I really wanted to look extra special tonight. You know, it being our one year anniversary and everything" She added glancing at her reflection, her eyes showing uncertainty. Maya I could never hate you. You can see it in his eyes. Now come on lets hurry up, you have a date to get to" she smiled happily walking back around to carry on with my hair.

Hey guys. I'm so happy you all enjoyed the first chapter and gave me so many reviews. You inspired me to write more and I couldn't stop so today, I present to you chapter two. Thank you guys for following and favoriting. For those who haven't, please do.

These last two parts are very much connection. This is my version of a 2 part finale.

It held passion, desperation, and screamed out Lucas and Maya!!! It all started off with Maya hanging out with some girls after school. To kill time, Maya and Riley sat with other girls from their grade and conversed.

I open my eyes to see a white room. An unfamiliar white room, and it's really bright. My ankle feels like it's throbbing, but I'm covered in a blanket, so I can't even look at it. I'm having trouble seeing also, because the lights are so white.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Riley had her baby in the hospital & Lucas Came

Hey guys. Sorry it has been days since the last update but things have been a bit complicated this week since I just decided to switch school. Keep in mind that this is also a short chapter, however, chapter 8 is going to be a long one, I promise! Chapter 8 won't be uploaded until after Monday since I'm going to Germany for a Taylor Swift concert Saturday and won't be home until Sunday afternoon and Monday I have to go to a party with my friends — so hopefully chapter 8 will be uploaded Tuesday hopefully. Until then; Here's chapter siete:. We brought her here!

Author's Note: Well kids Rucas is over! Lucas kicked Riley to the curb and now the aftermath. What will Maya, Farkle and, Zay handle the situation? If I did I would have already gotten these kids in some stressful situations and add more characters to the crew. After school Farkle, Maya and, Zay headed over to Topanga's where Riley worked in the bakery as a barista.

Jun 1, - Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle are going on a school trip to the woods, After some time Topanga, Cory and Katy arrived to the hospital as.

Lucas Friar, new resident doctor at Greenwich Village Hospital, was celebrating his recent accomplishment with his best friends Zay and Vanessa. After years of medical school, he was finally ready to take on his chosen specialty in pediatrics. They were at a local bar on a summer Friday night.

Her parents, being her mom and Shawn, who got married last year, were sat at the dining room table when she got home from school, their hands intertwined and very apparently awaiting her arrival. She has been trying to get the best grades she can, and she has stayed out of detention for the school year. It was something she always did when she was nervous- it helped keep her sane. She places down the pen in her hand and sighs when she hears her name being called from the living room.

He was waiting for her to wake up. Waiting for her to smile again. He was waiting. Waiting for the tears to dry.

Anyway, so if you go sort all of the GMW stories by favorites my story is number 3!

 Пройдемте с нами, пожалуйста. Сюда. В этой встрече было что-то нереальное - нечто, заставившее снова напрячься все его нервные клетки. Он поймал себя на том, что непроизвольно пятится от незнакомцев. Тот, что был пониже ростом, смерил его холодным взглядом.

Эта организация создавалась с единственной целью - обеспечивать безопасность страны. При этом дерево иногда приходится потрясти, чтобы собрать подгнившие плоды. И я уверена, что большинство наших граждан готовы поступиться некоторыми правами, но знать, что негодяи не разгуливают на свободе. Хейл промолчал. - Рано или поздно, - продолжала она, - народ должен вверить кому-то свою судьбу. В нашей стране происходит много хорошего, но немало и плохого. Кто-то должен иметь возможность оценивать и отделять одно от другого.

Он не заметил отражения, мелькнувшего за оконным стеклом рядом с. Крупная фигура возникла в дверях директорского кабинета. - Иису… - Слова застряли у Бринкерхоффа в глотке.

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