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Almost every musical has one — a musical theater duet for a male and female. Broadway shows are littered with beautiful duets! These are 10 of our favorite musical theater duets for a male and a female; each one is strong enough to stand on its own during a performance. Check out the original Sutton Foster version here.

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The Top 20 Karaoke Duets Of All Time

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Almost every musical has one — a musical theater duet for a male and female. Broadway shows are littered with beautiful duets! These are 10 of our favorite musical theater duets for a male and a female; each one is strong enough to stand on its own during a performance.

Check out the original Sutton Foster version here. This duet is a great option for a man and woman with personality and a sense of fun. The more fun you have onstage, the more your audience will love it. An extra bonus? As you can see from the video below, this is a great option for a mezzo belter and a baritone.

In fact, the harmonies actually resonate better with a more Golden Age of Broadway tone. We especially love it as a nice vocal rest for a soprano during a long concert. The next day, it will have your audience talking about the concert last night! And now, for a something totally different! When it comes to musical theatre duets for a male and female, this is one of the classics. This duet has that classic Cole Porter flair that audiences adore.

The melody is bouncy, just a little bit jazzy, and absolutely delightful to sing. The real star, though, is the lyrics. This is Cole Porter at his best, making up funny words and delicious rhymes that are nonsensical…but somehow, they still make sense. Go ahead — embrace the ridiculousness!

This duet, which is from the Broadway musical The Secret Garden , will do the trick. When it happens in the show, a ghost is finally able to see and talk to her live husband. At the end, the male and female voices come together in some absolutely stunning harmonies. We know. With its simple piano accompaniment and lovely melody, this song is a joy to sing and listen to.

Naturally, this duet is a love song. When the lines come together, the result is so, so beautiful. We love that it works for a male and a female singer of any age. The two vocal lines often sing in unison, but it works — and it makes those little moments of harmony that much more affecting. This duet is from the musical Spamalot , and it is an absolute gem. You must have a sense of humor to do this one!

These male and female singers are absolutely ridiculous and melodramatic — and the humor is laugh-out-loud funny if you can take them seriously. If you have two legit singers with big personalities, this duet is a huge crowd pleaser.

The lyrics are absurd, and you have lots of freedom for fun staging. The piece also benefits from a bit of intentional overacting, which audiences love.

The trick? Have courage and commit to the ridiculousness. The key here is love. If you can achieve the same thing, it really adds depth to the story of this Broadway duet. Also, how much do we love Laura Osnes and Will Chase? We love that the range of this song is really versatile, particularly for the female part.

The male part is pretty solidly baritone, but a tenor with a strong low range could also handle it easily. We repeat: is there anything more gorgeous than a duet between and male and a female? So beautiful!. What other male-female musical theater duets are you loving lately? September 20, Written by TL Team. Further Reading

10 Musical Theatre Duets: Male Female

What is it about duets? Some of the best country songs ever made in the history of country music have been male-female duets. The blending of voices and perspectives adds layers of meaning to the song, ingeniously complicating the story.

Boy-girl duets are compositions set to be sung by two singers. This article lists some popular duets for a boy and girl to sing, either for competitions or karaokes.

From legendary collaborations between musical greats to fresh partnerships from new kids on the block, we give you the top 20 duets of all time for karaoke The only thing better than killing it at karaoke is killing it at karaoke with a friend! Duets offer twice the vocal range, twice the giggles and twice the fun, so with that in mind we've only gone and compiled a list of the top 20 karaoke duets of all time. And, if you're in need of even more inspiration for your next singing session, check out our round up of the top karaoke songs of all time.

The 20 best duets

Several contemporary duets are gems because of their unexpected brash humor and soaring vocal lines. But fear not! Voice 1: C3—B4. Voice 2: C3—G4. This duet is the one on this list most similar to the pop-opera style. Voice 1: E3—Ab4. Voice 2: E3—Ab4. In this scene, Huck apologizes to Jim, a slave, after he pranks him and realizes he is still worthy of respect and dignity.

60+ Show-Stopping Vocal Duets

By Catherine Gee , and Telegraph Writers. The result is a modern classic. It's a personal tale of his city, from his roots in the 'hood to his plush pad in Tribeca. Accompanied by Alicia Keys's infectious hook, it's a track designed to be listened to while driving down 5th Avenue with the top down. This rousing anthem, the most widely recorded song in her repertoire, was composed by Nina Simone as a homage to playwright Lorraine Hansberry.

One big name on a red-hot hit is great, but sometimes two superstar voices come together in an inspired pairing that is truly special. With Valentine's Day's celebration of couples in mind, our experts dove into over 50 years of Hot hits to single out the biggest songs by two singers to ever hit the chart.

So many co-sung tunes are a man and a woman trading bars about love and heartbreak, but only a handful of them have enough tone, intent, content, and chemistry to resonate. Here are 20 of the most memorable. Talk about the pathos of thug love: On this NYC mixtape hit, Mashonda and Jadakiss embodied the pain felt by drug dealers and the women who love them.

10 Amazing Girl Duets

Enter Now. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. Continue Cookie Policy. Singing together is a very good idea and can be really enjoyable.

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It was challenge to narrow the songs down, but I decided to go with numbers I think will do well at competition. The formula is the same as past articles: a strong relationship, full story arc, and performance length. We hope you enjoy! When they finally meet, they express their true feelings in a pair of inner monologues that belie their haltering small talk. The sudden realization that they are in love surprises them at first, but they decide to go for it.

The 50 All-Time Best Country Duets

Broadway Shows Broadway Musicals. Bombshell Benefit Concert. Tickets Refunds. Best Broadway song ever? Hello, Dolly! Anyone Can Whistle Question?

Mar 21, - 20 Best Dramatic Duets of All Time. From breakups to make-ups, here are 20 guy/girl pairings that make beautiful harmonies. By. Maura Johnston.

Posted September 13, by dogsandavocados in Uncategorized. Leave a Comment. Why duets? Even setting aside the obvious artistic merits, duets are a great choice for artists from a commercial standpoint; part of the two-for-the-price-of-one philosophy.

Boy Girl Duets

Imagine this: after a few drinks you and your lady-friend are walking together when you suddenly see a sign: Karaoke tonight. You are drawn to the muffled sound of music, laughter, and off-pitch singing. But, are you prepared? You need something popular and fun with a male and female part that you can belt out with a beer in your hand.

Crowd Pleasing Impressive Duets for a Boy and Girl – Go Rock It!

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17 of The Best Duet Songs for a Male & Female Singing Performance

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27 Best Karaoke Duet Songs: Male + Female (Or, Both Girls?)

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