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Discord's friends list feature brings the old, familiar side of gaming to Discord. Let's dive right into how the friends list helps out:. Here's a more detailed look:. A lot going on there.

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10 Ways to Get More Users to Your Discord Server: The Ultimate Guide

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The Beatles were right when it comes to the importance of friends. They do help you get by, but you have to connect with them first in Discord. Friends are people on Discord who directly connect with you. They do not necessarily have to be on your Discord server. Making that connection usually happens through an invitation. So, if people can connect with your server and communicate freely with you on the various topics, why would you even need to have friends distinguished in Discord?

Friends can be given special privileges ranging from open direct messaging to being able to see what servers you have in common. It may seem that the distinctions may be insignificant at first, but there is something to having an inner circle of contacts, especially when your community starts to grow.

Finding friends online can be a pretty easy process once you know where to look and how to look. For new users, the Add Friend option is highlighted. Experienced users also have this option highlighted, in green, but it will not be as prominent as for those brand-new to Discord.

When adding friends, remembering the number can be something of a hassle. However, you can easily send a friend request to someone by clicking their username or avatar to pull up their Profile. By clicking the Send Friend Request button, you can easily reach out to make a connection with someone. To copy your own username and four-digit ID number, move your cursor to the lower left of Discord and click your username at the bottom of the app. By clicking your own username, both your name and your Discord ID number are copied so you can use it in other locations, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

When a friend request arrives, the Home icon at the top left of Discord alerts you. Any friend requests waiting for your approval appear here. They will remain pending until you accept or reject the request.

Select the check sign to accept the friend request or the X icon to ignore it. And just like that, you are making friends on Discord.

Now, remember, these are members of the inner circle of your server. It is a good idea to make sure those you are bringing on to your Friends list are people you know and people you trust. Thing is, be it your inner circle or your growing community, you will want to give people topics to talk about. These topics are called channels in Discord.

Tee Morris is a writer, broadcaster, and cutting-edge technologist. An early adopter of using social media to reach audiences for his sci-fi and fantasy novels, he continues to blog, podcast, and stream content of all kinds. How to Connect with Friends on Discord. Related Book Discord For Dummies. The Friends list in Discord offers you the ability to see who is on when you are on, as well as what other servers you have in common.

Making friends on Discord is easy once you know how. About the Book Author Tee Morris is a writer, broadcaster, and cutting-edge technologist.

❤ Making New Friends ❤

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It can be difficult initially to launch your server and get it off the ground, because of how difficult it can be to find the right users to join your server. I recommend Canva for this because they provide hundreds of layouts you can use to get inspiration.

Discord is a popular, free voice and text chat app for gamers. But, if you're going to make the most of this communication app for gamers, you'll need to add your friends to it. There are actually several different ways to add people on Discord, including via their profile and by user search. For the purposes of this guide, the instructions that follow show how to add friends on Discord using the desktop web browser version of the Discord server dashboard. While the Discord app is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux devices, instructions for the web browser version should be enough cover how to add friends on Discord, regardless of your operating system.

How to Connect with Friends on Discord

When playing video games on PC, players often need to solve two problems: How to talk to one another, and how to organize people long enough to actually get a game going. Discord is the latest in a long line of apps designed to solve that problem. The free platform, which blends the approachable chat UI found in apps like Slack with video and voice chat, a la Skype, has quickly become one of the most popular, reporting million users , with 14 million people logging on every day. Discord is a chat app, similar to programs such as Skype or TeamSpeak, or professional communications platforms like Slack. It supports video calls, voice chat, and text, allowing users to get in touch however they please. The app makes chatting pretty easy, and offers search functions that can help you find other people and add them to a friends list for quick communication. Lots of people use it not just for talking to each other while playing games, but as an organizational and social tool. While most of the servers are related to gaming, you can also find public Discord servers that focus on a variety of topics, including things like anime, cryptocurrency, self-improvement, and just making friends and hanging out.

How to Add Someone on Discord

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. How would I go about printing to console a list of all my friends? I'm hoping to be able to achieve this with the Discord. I currently get the error: for user in discord.

The Beatles were right when it comes to the importance of friends. They do help you get by, but you have to connect with them first in Discord.

The Friends List feature in Discord is the perfect solution to socializing while gaming. Call up a few of your closest gamer contacts and connect from anywhere to enjoy your favorite games together. Discord has several chats and audio options including screen share and video calling.

Friends List 101

However, Kyle only saw her as a friend or even less than sometimes, she was sure of it. The server for now is done but we will always be updating and changing depending on how many people stay active and request from users. You can do this on the iPhone app, or on the desktop site; Go to your sent friend requests.

Updated: December 12, Tech Tested. This wikiHow teaches you how to add a Discord user to your personal friend list, using a computer, phone, or tablet. You can easily send a friend request to any user if you know their unique Discord Tag. They will be instantly added to your friend list as soon as they accept your request. Open Discord.

Discord pending friend request

Learning how to make a Discord server is surprisingly easy. You can get set up with a server within a few minutes and the whole process is entirely free. Once you have your Discord server, you can invite your friends, set permissions, and customize your text and voice channels. On mobile, you must tap the three lines at the top left of the screen to access this panel. This is the add a server option. Next, give the server a name.

Mar 20, - Need an easy way to add that IRL bud to your friends list to solidify friendship max level? Well, you've come to the right place, my friend.

Building out a Discord server means inviting people to join the conversation. If you've just created a server, or you want to extend an invite to new friends, you will need to get the invite link so people can be added to the server. Select "Invite People.

What is Discord?

Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. You can create a Discord server for a business, a community, or a small group of friends. If the server has been set to public, you can invite anyone to the server by right-clicking on the server icon on the left. This invite link will expire in 24 hours by default.

How to add people on Discord by sending them an invitation link

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